1099 in Sage 50 2023 Help!


We just installed the update and my 1099 forms are gone.   When I click on Tax Forms it takes me to a new program that is completely different - is there any help in printing 1099's like we did previously?   It almost seems like it is setting it up to file electronically rather than print on paper and I cannot figure it out.  Please help.  

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    There is a very simple way to print the 1099's on 3 part when you have nothing but 3 part forms for IRS, payees, payor etc.  When you work through the process in Sage, the first forms to come up are for the IRS, which are the red 3 part forms, after you print those just put in your 3 part payee forms and print those without going through the rest of the process which takes you to the payee & payors which are not 3 part.  Then put in your payor forms and print again.   After you've printed those, go forward and it will print the 1096.   I've done that the last two years.