Work safely from home and stay productive with Remote Data Access

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In these uncertain times, the ability to work remotely and stay productive is crucial. Sage50cloud Accounting has the tools you need to take your business home with you, stay connected, and keep your business running.

With a Sage 50c subscription, you can utilize Remote Data Access through Sage Drive. Getting started is easy, and once set up, you will be able to access your Sage 50 company data wherever you are.


How do I get started?

First, on the computer you will be sharing your data from, you will need to activate Sage Drive. The Sage Knowledgebase article How do I activate Sage Drive? (72832) will walk you through these steps.


OK, my Sage Drive is activated! What do I do now?

Now you will just need to share your company (or companies). The Sage KB article How do I share a company using Sage Drive? (72833) has all the steps you need to share your data.


Does Sage 50 need to be installed on the remote computer(s)?

Yes. The program will need to be installed on the remote computer, and any additional users that the data is being shared with will need to install the exact same version and build on their computer as well.

Sage 50cloud Accounting can be downloaded via the follow article:  Sage 50—U.S. Edition: Download Portal (64650).

You will need your serial number to install on the remote computer(s), so be sure to have that handy. You can obtain your serial number from your existing installation of Sage 50 by going to Help, About Sage 50 Accounting.

You may also find the serial number in the Customer Portal. Refer to article What is the serial number for my product? (14995).

For guidance with the installation, please see the Sage KB article How do I install on my home computer or laptop for Sage Drive remote access? (104593).


Can I share the company with other users and access the company at the same time?

If you are a single user that is just sharing the data with yourself to access it remotely on your laptop or home computer, you can skip ahead to the next question.

However, if you need to share the company with other colleagues, you will need to invite those users. Refer to the Sage KB article How do I add users to Sage Drive? (72849).

Note: If multiple users need to access Sage Drive data simultaneously, you will need a Sage Drive multi-user license (separate from and in addition to the Sage 50cloud multi-user license). Refer to Sage KB article  Getting Started with Sage Drive Multi-User (92913). To purchase the Sage Drive multi-user license, please contact Sales at 877-495-9904.

Once the users are added, they will receive an invitation via email, which will prompt them to either sign into Sage ID or create a Sage ID if one does not exist. Once they are activated, they will be able to download Sage Drive companies that have been shared with them.

Which brings us to…


How do I download a company shared with Sage Drive?

Now you’re ready to download. There is a great KB article, How do I download a company shared with Sage Drive? (72852), which will walk you through those steps. As soon as the company downloads, it will open, and you’ll be ready to rock and roll!


Have questions? Need a walkthrough?

You will find this hour-long YouTube video a valuable resource. Thank you for reading. Be well and stay safe!

  • The following are possible causes of data corruption:

    1. Bad program exits
    2. Malware/virus infections
    3. Sudden loss of power--shutdown
    4. Voltage spikes
    5. Physical hardware issues
    6. Any interruption in normal computer processes
    7. Too Large of a database size
    8. Connected to the network via wireless router
  • Please be careful using RDA.  I've had constant issues with it and the main suggestion from support is to not use wireless network or connection to access because if packets drop due to intermittent wireless issues, it can cause the .DAT files to not properly sync to Sage Cloud and it can render your company file useless.  They suggest only cable-connected access to network which means get the CAT-5 cable out and connect to your home Modem/router or company network jack.  What causes data corruption