• Ability for Sage products to produce a NACHA formatted file for direct deposit

    I would love to be able to process payroll, email stubs and then produce a NACHA file that can be uploaded to my bank for processing.

  • Email Paystubs

    Can we get an option to have paystubs email to the employees email address on file when printing the stubs for accounting records. We process payroll through our bank via direct deposit, but having to email the stubs after is rather tedious. 

  • Allow user to generate payroll outside of current 2 years

    SBA is requiring payroll reports for years prior to the current 2 year window.

  • Payroll (Not Responding)

    Does anyone else have issues in Payroll. I can be editing /adding new employees and then all of a sudden I get the (not responding) warning and it freezes. Then I have to close Sage and wait a few minutes before I can go back in.

  • How do I change payroll deductions for employee based on percentage

    I am needing to change the percentage of a deduction for an employee. How can this be done? The deduction is a state retirement fund that is not listed under the benefits tab. It is being paid by both the employee and employer. The percentage is increasing…

  • Inactive Benefits - error

    Our company used to have payroll account codes for a SIMPLE IRA program, but they no longer have/use it.  Something in the background of the account setup must still be showing active somewhere so I wanted to see if anyone can help me identify it.  For…

  • Withheld too much Social Secrutiy need to fix W2s

    I made an error while paying employees that wanted their bonuses to have taxes taken out. I took too much Social Security out and when they run the W2 for a refund on taxes it says "employer owes you a refund". 

    How do I issue a refund for that…

  • How do I setup two different worker classifications for splitting company taxes into two separate GL codes, one for Field Employees and another for Office Employees?

    We're a construction company and currently we use one GL code labeled 6100-Payroll Taxes to capture all company paid taxes.  We need to separate these taxes into another GL code for capturing related job cost taxes into 5050-Labor Burden.  Has anyone…

  • User Security Setup

    Is it possible to setup a A/R & A/P clerk position to have access to Job Profitability Reports WITHOUT having access to payroll fields/access?

  • When printing qtrly payroll reports..941s, state reports, why can't the default be the accounting period, instead of system date?

    Reports>>>Forms Tab>>>Form Types= Tax forms>>>Forms=Payroll tax forms>>> Preview & Print, every form that is a quarterly form defaults to the quarter based on the system date, not the accounting period.  EVERY and…

  • Payroll tax withholding not posting to balance sheet accounts

    After the update to Sage 50 US my payroll WH deductions are not posting to my tax liability accounts. I don't know how to fix. HELP. I am on hold with tech support for what seems like an eternity!

  • Adding Payroll Field rows to the "OCR Multi-Purp Laser w/15 Rows" form

    I am having some issues when trying to add additional payroll fields to the OCR Multi-Purp Laser w/15 Rows form, which we use to print payroll checks. I have customized the form and adjusted the format such that two additional fields fit comfortably when…

  • Employee paying less retirement contribution than entered.

    I only have this error on one employee. Our retirement plan match's up to 3% of gross pay. We have several employees that only match up to that 3% limit. For some reason it calculates this  one employee's contribution at 2.94%. The employer contribution…

  • Emailing employee paystubs

    Has anyone one used a 3rd party software for batch emailing employee paystubs?  I have been searching for a solution since this is not available in Sage Payroll.  Wondering if anyone has had experience with DataSoft DSStudio.

    Thanks for any feeback.

  • Year end processing: from W-2, 943 and 1099-NEC

    Year end processing: Issue #1: form 943 input screen does not show line 11 or line 13 calculation until return is printed, does not allow manual change to line 10. Why?,

    Issue #2: Child employees under age of 18 are exempt from paying social security…

  • Payroll.

    I am having trouble writing payroll checks for January.  Every time I open Sage 50, it asks if I want to download the new program.  I have already done this several times.  I also keep getting a message that the TAXTABLE.DAT is missing or corrupt.

  • W-2 not pulling correct data

    I've searched everywhere and this is getting frustrating because,when checking the W-2 withholding amounts for employees  all Social security withholding is not correct in Box4.

    All other tax reports are pulling the correct social security withholding…

  • Taxable life insurance

    How do I entered the taxable portion of Life Insurance (amount per IRS table) for those employees that receive more than 50,000?  I need to add this to the last payroll check so that it is taxed and shows up on Form W-2.

  • Sage Payroll for Sage 50 (or standalone payroll)

    I have been using Sage 50 US for a couple years now, and I really like the software. I provide payroll services to many of my clients (I partner with ADP). I had a potential payroll client contact me on December 8th regarding payroll services for their…

  • Payroll

    I need Help with Payroll Salary Employees, for years I have entered in their fields amounts for Bonus and Commission. Now after the update, they will not open for me to enter the amounts for the Salary only.

  • Turning payroll off Quantum

    I have a client with a business care subscription (3 user) on Quantum. They will be out of business as of the end of 2020. They are no longer running payroll.  Their current business care subscription runs out December 14th.

    I spoke to their account rep…

  • I need help with a user maintained payroll formula.

    We have a new part-time employee who has "head of household" for income tax deductions.  When I go to add her hours for her 1st paycheck, Sage50 tells me that a formula does not exist - VAC-REM 20 Head/Household.  It says to go to File, Payroll…

  • How to get vacation and PTO to show accrued, used and available.

    I have manually entered our employees vacation and PTO hours since there is no way to have them accrue on an anniversary date.  When we pay them for vacation or PTO time it doesn't reduce the remaining hours available.  There has to be a way for this…

  • Employee Beginning Balances Not Flowing to Income Statement

    Hello all!  I've recently converted from QBD to Sage 50 and have manually entered the beginning balances for prior payrolls.  The totals are not reflected on the Income Statement and I'm at a loss.  Any thoughts?  Thank you! 

    Rebekah Roy, EA

  • Sage 50cloud US New Enhancements for Release 2021.1

    On the heels of our July Release 2021.0, we are excited to announce that Sage 50cloud Accounting—US Edition is providing enhanced and expanded features for payroll users.  We’re delivering a highly requested enhancement in this release - expanded…