• Do not sell out of stock

    Hi everyone,
    From already thank you very much.

    What I want is to be able to avoid invoices being made with Inventory Items if the Item is out of stock.

    Or at least give the notice that we do not have quantity on hand


  • From raw material to finished product

    Hello everyone,

    Currently in inventory we have raw materials as stock item and finished goods as Assemblies.

    My question is how to handle the conversion of these raw materials into Products for sale.
    In short, the production.

    Thank you very much.


  • Buying material from a customer

    We're in a one-off situation where we are buying material from one of our customers, instead of a vendor. This customer has something that we need. The customer asked us to reduce their next invoice by this amount. Let's say the item# is ABC and we are…

  • Buy & Sell Inventory with different part numbers

    Hello. I'm trying to sort through our inventory and I'm looking for a way to purchase a part that comes as a kit and then sell the individual pieces from said kit. The problem is the kit is one part number and the individual pieces are another. I have…

  • Sage 50 US Extreme Slow inventory lookup in Transaction windows

    With Sage 2020 and Sage 2021, my clients that have larger inventory (5000 items or more) are having major problems with Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Sales Invoices when attempting to enter transactions with the Drop Down List and Automatic Field Completion…

  • Assembly Journal Import

    For the past several weeks I've been trying to import my old Peachtree 2009 data into Sage 50 Premium 2021 and everything has been smooth until I import the BOMList Journal and Assembly Journal.  I've followed the import/export instructions step by step…

  • Is there a way to create more than one inventory?


    Will there be some way in which I can create two types of inventories?

    For example: I want an inventory for the stock merchandise and another for the transit merchandise or the merch that is ordered

    Let's called the stock merch inventory 01, and all…

  • Sage 50 for Poultry and Crop Production Business

    Please I need an idea on how to set up and use Sage 50 for poultry and crop production business that produces and sells egg, chicken, feed and agricultural produce. What item class is best for the egg, chicken, agricultural produce and feed produced.…

  • Fix the Inventory Adjustments Drop Down Menu

    The last time the inventory adjustments module functioned properly was the 2019 Version.  In Sage 50 2020, when you try to use Inventory Adjustments, the drop down list does not function and when you try to post to a job, and hit the enter key to post…

  • Where are the Inventory Categories?

    I'm using Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2021 and on this page: "Turn On or Off Inventory and Service Item Categories" (http://help.sage50.na.sage.com/en-ca/2016/core/Content/System_Settings-ss/ss-pr-is-EnableInvSvcCategories.htm) it clearly…

  • Inventoy Disappered


    Inventory count on some items have gone to zero, like they disappeared from the database. There haven't been any activity on these items to explain this. I attached a inventory unit activity reports on one these items as an example. 

    Has anybody…

  • Problem with inventory beginning balance

    Hi, I capture inventory beginning balance and in dont show in GL Summary Report, some one knows why this happend

  • Why can I not copy an assembly into a serialized assembly?

    My shop manager and I were trying to create serialized part numbers for some items that would benefit from being able to track serial numbers.

    It was easy enough, but when it came time to add the serialized part number into an assembly, Sage informed…

  • Is there a way to calculate the commission by item sold?


    I have a warehouse of items that are are sold by sales reps.  I need to compute commission earnings by sales rep; linking customer invoice detail to vendor costs.  How can this be done for warehouse items?

    Thank you in advance.


  • Item Class for Software

    What item class do I use for packaged software that we make?

  • Setup Inventory System

    My company is using Sage 50 for accounting. Our business is to provide beauty treatment services.

    We would like to use system for calculating the COGS instead of using excel, such like Botox. (because cost is affected by many situations, like invoice date…

  • Outgrowing Sage Quatum

    My file sizes are past the quantum limits and I’m starting to get errors, so I’m exploring options. I’m at 300kb quantum recommends 250 max database size

    1 Will the Quantum database sizes be expanded anytime soon? Maybe an enhanced…

  • Additional Column for Item Part Number

    Add a column to include Item Part Number for Purchase Orders box.  Other columns can be added by the user, but not this particular column.

    Also, allow in the pop-up box to search part number. Currently, this doesn't work for part number.

  • Help determining Inventory Item Setup for RESTAURANT.

    Hello...back to Sage (old Peachtree user) after many years w/ QB online.  Happy to be here but need help please.

    Type of Company:  RESTAURANT


    Question:  For items like "degreaser", what would my GL accounts be?? 

  • Inventory Report - Duplicating Items

    I have ran the inventory report multiple times for multiple reasons and have the same issue.  When I ran the inventory report and downloaded into excel I am finding that it is duplicating many of the items.  I am updating list pricing and am checking for…

  • Inventory items - non stock vs stock item issues

    I am trying to reduce the amount of time to address inventory issues with licenses we purchase for our service business.  We do have to track how many are sold to each client per monthly period, and how many purchased for that same period.  I've tracked…

  • Invoicing Inventory w/ Negative Qty

    Is there a way to not allow billing of inventory items if they are negative?  Or a password protected authorization to do so?

  • Inventory Returned and at what point is it put back in to inventory

    We had a customer return some material.  We issued a credit memo for these items...each piece was entered onto the credit memo and the quantity that was returned.  When looking at the inventory reports it does not show that the material was put back into…

  • Shipped quantity of labor line on invoice help

    Currently we have our labor lines listed as item type labor. All is fine up until we convert to invoice from sales order. It will not let us convert to invoice with out manually populating labor quantity in shipped line. Is there a way to disable labor…

  • Shipped quantity of labor invoice help

    Currently we have our labor lines listed as item type labor. All is fine up until we convert to invoice from sales order. It will not let us convert to invoice with out manually populating labor quantity in shipped line. Is there a way to disable labor…