• SAGE 50 API OpenSession() problem

    Hi i am a developer using Sage 50 API and i am having this error trying to OpenSession() 

    'Void Sage.SBD.ACS.Framework.DataAccess.DbInstances.set_ChangesetRecorder(Sage.Collaboration.Common.IChangesetRecorder)'. stack trace   at Sage.Peachtree.Collaboration…
  • Can SAGE 50 quantum open SAGE 50 premium backup

    My CPA uses SAGE 50 quantum and my company uses SAGE 50 premium. Can he take my backup and convert to SAGE 50 quantum so he can view my accounting? If so, what are the steps to do this?

    thank you!!


  • Balance Sheets ran for same period don't match

    We use Sage 50 Quantum. I ran a balance sheet for period ending 12/31/20 back on February 24th 2021.  Today I ran the balance sheet for the same period 12/31/20 and the retained earnings GL is different from the report I ran in February. I am wondering…

  • Is there a way to run a report showing Monthly Balance Sheet's for a given Fiscal Year vs running the BS report twelve different times?

    I am wanting to do some monthly Balance Sheet Analysis for past years and was wanting a report showing the ending Balance Sheet amount for each month in a year instead of having to manually trying to compile twelve different reports, Is there a fairly easy…

  • Sage 50 2022 Upgrade Discussion Thread

    I just wanted to see if anyone else had taken the leap and upgraded yet.  I am going to wait until I get some kind of indication that the release is stable after the mess that was the initial release of 2021 last year.

  • Sick and Vacation

    hey, is there a way to add a GL # to sick and Vacation

  • Customer Payment more than Invoice

    I have a sales invoice that is from several months ago.  There was a claim with the shipper which has since been resolved.  We received a payment paying the invoice in full PLUS paying for shipping fees.  The shipping fees were not on the invoice.  I need…

  • Accounts Payable Report - Expense Account

    I need to approve payments for the AP check run. My accountant gives me a report of vendor, invoice, amount, and GL account.  However, the GL account is Accounts Payable account.  I need a report that shows what Expense or Inventory account the invoice is…

  • Unable to open Peachtree session- Peachtree270.ini does not exist


    I'm trying to open a Peachtree session to connect to Sage 50 accounting software.  I'm using Sage 50 2021 software and 2021 SDK. Both are installed on the same machine.

    Below is the exception that I'm getting-

    **** Inner Exception Type…

  • sage 50 cloud account

    Dear Community,

    I am in Cambodia and am new to sage cloud accounting. Since I am in Cambodia, can I subscript with Sage 50 Cloud Accounting US? If yes, what should I do? and If no, who should I contact for this service in my region.



  • My Notification List Cannot Show Message

    Dear Sir,

    I am using Sage 50 2020 Accountant Edition, and I have created a (Quantum) company. I want to test the work status tracking function in this company, so I have setup both "Tracking Status" and "Notification Rules". The "Tracking Status is working…

  • Filing 1099 misc in Sage 50

    My name is Kent McDonald and I'm a sole proprietor located in Albuquerque, NM.  I'm using Sage 50 and I use two different independent contractors to do my typing.  To set up my 2020 1099 Misc reports, I go to employees then forms.  I then choose…

  • How to handle shipping loss claim?

    We lost a material by the freight carrier ( vendor) how to handle this in inventory wise , customer side and vendor side?

    For example Material cost was $300 I sold it for $350 and I got back only $100 from the fright company ?

    how I should recorder this…

  • Importing Vendor payment/check file to Sage 50 US

    We process invoices just short of paying on behalf of one of our customers.  We were asked if we would be interested in paying on behalf and being reimbursed on one single invoice from us.  We use a scan to SQL database software to currently process these…

  • Installed update on server, wasn't working on workstation, so uninstalled Sage50 and now trying to reinstall, not working

    We installed the update to Sage50 2021 on the server computer, then installed on the workstations. One worked, the other just never would even open sage to do the update. We uninstalled sage from that computer, but now when we try to install again, it…

  • Incorrect Data after 2021 upgrade

    Sage 50 US- Quantum.  Installed 2021 upgrade.  Aged Receivables does not match the GL Account.  There are many customer invoices from 2007 showing in the Aging Report and the Customer accounts that should not be.  

    Is this possibly a Data Verification issue…

  • Migrating from Sage 50 US on Cloud to Server

    Due to several issues we've faced with Sage 50 US on the Cloud, we're thinking to migrate to a Server. 

    What are the requirements the server has to meet?

    Also wanted to ask, if the Server version of Sage, will support multiuser access and updates…

  • The method of the conversion from Peachtree Premium 2006 to Current Sage50 Quantum / Sage50-cloud.

    I would like to convert from Peachtree Premium 2006 to Current Sage50 Quantum or Sage50-cloud.
    I would like to contact the Sage 50 conversion team or any partners who can convert.
    If you know someone who can help us, please let me know.

    Thank you very much…

  • Sage 50 period date not displaying

    I have several companies on Sage 50 US 2021. Last week one of the companies started occasionally not displaying the period date range. Any ideas on what is happening?

  • One Write Plus Verizon 7 Question

    I can open my database fine.  However, when I try to do a backup I am getting the following error:

    "Unable to Open Database file

    C:\OWPW\DATA\STALEY.DB -- Permission Denied"

    Therefore cannot go into compress the data and backup.

    Any idea of why…

  • Saga 50 fails to starting a workstation

    In the morning, erratically, Saga 50 fails to start, forcing to do DB repair.

  • Can not connect to sage drive company file from on-prem machines since 2021 upgrade.

    Trying to connect to the remote data access drive from our server and it will not go past this confirm screen.  I choose confirm and nothing happens.  I've rebooted, done everything I know to do at this point.  

  • Error when importing General Journal containing Job ID and Phase

    I am attempting to import general journal entries containing Job IDs into Sage 50 Quantum version 2020. I receive the following message: An error occurred importing the file. Error occurs on line 10, field name: Job ID. This is the first line on the CSV…

  • Remote Data Access Progress Back and Forth Loop trying to Resume Sharing

    I'm trying to resume sharing company but caught in a loop.  It says "Sage 50 is currently processing a data bundle for upload to Remote Data Access..."  Another little window keeps flashing "Downloading from Remote Data Access..." back on…