• Custom Reports Freezing After 2023 Update

    Custom reports freeze when trying to run them after upgrading to sage 2023. They will open but refuse to run unless you interact with them (ex. clicking on the options or refresh icons). Even after interacting with them they take a while to load or crash…

  • Export / Import Help

    What is the best way to export then import Quotes, Invoices, and PO's? I looked in the Import/Export menu but could not find anything corresponding to these three categories.

  • Processes Running Slow After 2023 Update

    After upgrading to 2023 lots of processes are running slow. For example, running reports and emailing from sage takes 2+ minutes to fully load. Also while running reports you have to click on options menu before the report will start.

  • In "Set Up User Security", prevent an Admin from taking away licenses from all Admins

    At the moment, in the Maintain -> Users -> Set Up User Security dialog, it is possible, without warning, to remove licenses from all Admin users.

    Once this is done, no Admin user can log in, whether to re-issue him- or herself a license, or to upgrade…

  • Holiday Support Hours

    What are the support hours for this coming Friday after Thanksgiving, 11/25/2022?

    Sage 50 US

    Thank you

  • Performance in inventory list views in Sage 50 US release 2023

    Post was updated on November 29, 2022 (added a workaround). 

    We are currently investigating a potential issue surrounding extremely large datasets and performance in inventory list views in Sage 50 US release 2023. We encourage any customer that encounters…

  • How to share a company using Remote Data Access

    We have the perfect guide to help you get started with sharing your company using Remote Data Access.

    Head over to our article to find out more!

  • Locating your serial number

    Want to know how to locate your serial number so you can finish installing the latest Sage 50 US 2023.0 version?

    Head over to this article

  • Sage 50 US: Quickly get answers to common questions (November 2022 Edition)

    We frequently gather and post articles to this forum addressing your most common questions.

    Check out this month’s trending topics to see if there is an article(s) that assists you:

     Download and install topics:

    • Where can I find the download for…
  • Sage 2023 - Serious flaw in current release. Need fix right away.

    Based on the multiple experiences I'm reading here about 2023, it is clear that there is a flaw with this release.  After working with support for almost 10 hours, we've come to the conclusion that it is not our network or environment.  The database…

  • Data will not open up after update

    I just installed the new Sage 50 2023 update.  Had no issues.  We have a server and 3 workstations.  I updated the server first then the workstations without a hitch.  Then I logged into Sage 50 with no issue.  I am having issues pulling up data.  Like "view…

  • Announcing the October 2022 Tax Update for Releases 2022 and 2023

    What's new

    State and Local Tax Changes

    • Arkansas State Income Tax
      Standard Deduction and Withholding Table changes.
    • Indiana State Income Tax
      New Deduction Constant Table C for adopted dependent exemptions.
    • Virginia State Income Tax
      Standard Deduction…
  • Sage Peachtree data files on NAS

    I have a Synology DS220+ which I would like to use as a file server and store the live Sage data files as well.

    Is it possible to store the company files on a NAS (Network Attach Storage) device and access such files normally from a computer with the…

  • Sage 50ꟷU.S. Edition: Announcing Sage 50 2023.0

    What's New

    • efile via Aatrix
    • 1099 forms
    • Database upgrade to Actian Zen v15.1
    • Windows 11 compatibility
    • Quick access to support
    • Modernization of help
    • Refreshed Sage Branding

    For more information about the new enhancements, please read our post on Sage…

  • Sage 50 Reimbursable expense billing

    We often override item descriptions when purchasing / billing customers.  When we go to bill the customer using reimbursable expense the description is the item code description (ie we use Misc Parts for 1x purchases / sales but want customer to see the…

  • Can I or How to do question


    I have a customer who is using Peachtree Pro Accounting 2010. It is installed on the accountants workstation as standalone all files on his box. Is there a way to add User logins so Agents can lookup account balances? We do not want them to have the…

  • Sage 50 Accounting could not be started

    Dear All, 

    I have a question on the following, one of our sega client can not start the sage application, and the database is hosted on other computer in the network, have ran the diagonsis tool, i found the following issue, but the sage client can access…

  • Error: “Remote Data Access needs to synchronize the company data. Click OK to start the synchronization”

    The message “Remote Data Access needs to synchronize the company data. Click OK to start the synchronization” appears when the Remote Data Access (RDA) service needs the user to upload a rebase.

    This typically happens when a payload has failed…

  • error with PO form. inconveniences when printing purchase order form.

     When designing Purchase Order Form it on a workstation it prints correctly but when trying to do it on the corresponding computer the words are cut off, it has been tried centering, changing the fonts, adjusting and nothing,
    • in the link show the error…
  • Now Available! Sage 50ꟷU.S. Edition Release 2023.0

    We’re excited to announce that the latest edition of Sage 50ꟷU.S. Edition 2023.0 is now available!

    You’ll notice a new logo, program icon, and a new color palette to emphasize the brilliant green, black and white. Our refreshed Sage identity’s focus…

  • Sage 50 US: Quickly get answers to common questions (October 2022 Edition)

    We frequently gather and post articles to this forum addressing your most common questions.

    Check out this month’s trending topics to see if there's an article(s) that assists you:

    Download and install topics: 

    • Where can I find the download…
  • importing various customer beginning balances

    What is the Procedure to import various customer beginning balances when a new company is just set up in Sage 50

  • Read Only Error - General Journal

    I wrote an integration between a retail system and SAGE 50 using the SDK.  It was working fine a few weeks ago and now that I'm going back to add a few more things I am getting a READ-ONLY error message when attempting to post a general journal.


  • Don't get scammed! Sage does not call from a "Spam - Private number"

    I received a call.  The caller stated that they were from Sage and wanted to renew my software. 
    This is the number the call came from: Phone number 646-536-788This area code does not exist in the USA
    The display showed "Spam - Private"
  • New Vendor entered- One user out of ~12 cannot apply new purchase for vendor they've created that day, without restarting or bouncing Actian DB services.

     The vendor shows up in the selection list up top, but attempting to save purchase results in "The Vendor ID does not exist" .  We have reinstalled  Sage 2022 for this user with same result. 

    This happens within any company for this user, including…