• In "Set Up User Security", prevent an Admin from taking away licenses from all Admins

    At the moment, in the Maintain -> Users -> Set Up User Security dialog, it is possible, without warning, to remove licenses from all Admin users.

    Once this is done, no Admin user can log in, whether to re-issue him- or herself a license, or to upgrade…

  • Sage 50 Accounting could not be started

    Dear All, 

    I have a question on the following, one of our sega client can not start the sage application, and the database is hosted on other computer in the network, have ran the diagonsis tool, i found the following issue, but the sage client can access…

  • Sage 50 - Can the sales invoice entry screen be modified to add column?

    Not the printed form, the actual entry screen - we would like to add date to line items when invoicing customers.

  • Inconsistent date format when export data to excel

    My excel version is Office 2016.  When I export data from Sage 50 to excel, there are different date format in the date column (as below image, different date format for 12/4/2022 and 14-4-2022).  It is difficult to use Excel Power Query to do some analysis…

  • Error message

    My Sage 50 prompted out this error message frequently when closing.  How to solve it?  Thank you.


  • Relative path for file imports

    Is there a way to specify a relative path for imports/exports? If not, there should be, it would make it much easier for multiple users to use the same import task. 

  • Inventory Unit Activity Report value not correctly

    I use SDK to insert Inventory Adjustment data , the data in Invnetory Adjustment Journal report is correct , but data in Inventory Unit Activity Report is not correct .

    if using Support Utinities-integrity check , the data in Inventory Unit Activity Report…

  • Sage 50 user logging and history


    We need to see which employee entered a specific transaction.  We had multiple users signing in to the same account so when we ran the audit trail report it just showed that account.

    Does Sage 50 perform any additional logging that would tell us…

  • Sick and Vacation Accrual only if the employee works a certain amount of hours a month

    Hello, I have a costumer with a very particular workers comp decree established by the local DoA which stated that the hourly employee accrues 6hrs/mo Vacation (144hrs max) and Sick (120hrs  max) only if total hours for the pay period is equal 115 or …

  • Shipping software that integrates with Sage 50...

    We've been getting calls from frustrated Sage 50 users that need a replacement for ShipGear which we've been told by these companies, will no longer be supported in the near future.

    Freight+ is a shipping software for businesses that ships multiple…

  • ODBC connection with "Invalid user id specified"

    Hello everyone I am a new IT person to involve with sage50

    I want connect to database by using 3rd party application such as Excel, Access, Power bi through ODBC to create real time and interactive report by power BI, I following this article https://support…

  • add Unit of Measure fields to Sage API

    The following fields are currently not available in the SAGE API, yet there are required for a Sales Invoice import when using Multi-Packs:

    1) U/M ID

    2) U/M No. of Stocking Units

    I am requesting to have these fields added to the SAGE API so our shipments…

  • "Refresh connection" Connect to Bank Error

    I get this error when trying to connect to TD Bank.  If I select any bank I get this error.  I turned off antivirus and firewall and still does not work. Anyone else have this issue and get it resolved?

  • How can I search for quantities sold of an inventory item for years past based on invoices?

    I am looking to get the numbers as shown in the History tab of an inventory item - but over a range of time and not just the last 12 months.

    A sales order report does not work for me because we do not always create a sales order for the items if we have…

  • Bank reconciliations

    How do I get Sage 50 to show the current months date under Statement Date instead of always bringing up the next months ending date?

  • Remote jobs with clients using Sage 50

    I am a Sage 50 expert and keep trying to find a remote job with a client using this wonderful software. Does anyone know if there is an online database (Like Indeed) that is for Sage 50 jobs?

  • Upload Inventory List

    Is there a way to upload an Inventory List into Sage 50?  I have around 70 items that would be a million times easier to upload once, in lieu of keying them in individually.  

    I have searched the Sage Knowledge Database, but cannot find any articles that…

  • Sage 50 (US) trial version

    Hello Team,

    Could you provide a link to the source where I can download the trial version of Sage 50 (US)?
    I want to install the trial version so get familiar with the functionality.

    Thank you!

  • Sage 50, 2017 Version Reactivate or Upgrade


    I need to reactivate or upgrade the Sage 50 we are using, because it is 2017 Version, and we are getting a message that says: "Versions from 2013 to 2019, has 

    a third party database component that will not be supported anymore", How can we…

  • W2's

    can anyone help with the end of the year forms (W2s) how to enter if an employee has school tax that needs to go on his w2


    We are the manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, and retailer of our given product, since we are the only ones in this country who create it. Looking to pull a basic piece count out of the total Sales Orders for a given amount of time), to get a projection…

  • I'm a new Controller for a Construction company and wondering if should continue using SAGE50

    I just got hire as the new Controller for a construction company with about $20M to $30M in annual revenue and they are using sage 50.

    I'm not familiar with SAGE and wondering if it's the right accounting software to use.  I don't want to spend…

  • Sage 50 another sage 50 user or workstation is accessing this company area....

    I need some help with this error message. Heres some brief details first,
    Sage 50 is installed and data files hosted on a Windows 2016 Essentials server.

    We have about 6 end users accessing it from Windows 10 Pro computers physically connected in the same…

  • Changing Invoice numbers automatically

    I've been working in Sage 50 for 7 months now.  I frequently add invoices.  Each invoice is assigned a number based on the month it is created. ie: 102021-001.  I know that when I change months I have to change the invoice number manually after it has…

  • When printing qtrly payroll reports..941s, state reports, why can't the default be the accounting period, instead of system date?

    Reports>>>Forms Tab>>>Form Types= Tax forms>>>Forms=Payroll tax forms>>> Preview & Print, every form that is a quarterly form defaults to the quarter based on the system date, not the accounting period.  EVERY and…