SDK and Updating Employees

When we hire new employees where I work, we have to create accounts in all kinds of different programs. Plus create windows accounts and email accounts. I wrote a Information Management Program that I have connectors to all our programs (all Microsoft SQL based) so when we create a new user there it creates the Windows Account, email, and accounts in our other software. Sage50 is the only one I have left to tackle because I am not all that familiar with Pervasive.  I have came across the Sage50 SDK but all the information I have read, it only looks like I can read employees from Sage50 and not create or update them. So before I delve further into it is that the case? Is it readonly for employee tables? Or is there any other 3rd party SDKs that will allow me to CRUD on the Employees? 

THank you in advance,

Charles Rader

  • Hello Charles, If you use the ODBC or the .NET API, the employee records are read only. However, the COM API allows Create, Read and Delete operations through the import/export functions. You can find more information in the COM API User's Manual Objects & Methods PDF located in the SDK documentation folder such as C:\Users\CurrentUser\Documents\Sage 50 2018.2 SDK\COM Samples\Documentation