Customizing Statement

The standard statement that comes with PTP 2010 is really about 99% perfect for me but the other 1% is totally frustrating so can someone please explain how to get rid of the label "PO#" from the description column (it prints out for each sales invoice entered), or tell me how to recreate the statement with Crystal Reports? THANK you!


  • You will need to customize the Statement you use to where it does not include the Purchase Order Number field in the form design. (Reports & Forms > Forms > Customer Statements)

  • I think the issue is not to exclude the PO field.  This issue is, when selecting the PO field, it always prints "PO #" in front of whatever is in this field.


    We have the same issue.  As a leasing company we track unit #'s, not PO  # in this field to help our clients know what each invoice refers too.  Unfortunately, Peachtree prefaces this with "PO #", of which, for us, it is not.  We deal with it, but it is not ideal.


    I do not know of a workaround.

  • I see that this question was asked and answered more than 9 years ago, but I've just spent hours trying everything I could think of to get rid of the "PO#" label on statements with no luck.  I see that I'm not the only one to have this issue.  Has a workaround been developed since you all asked about this?  I just want to leave off the label entirely.  We bill for maintenance fees and electrical usage and our customers are thoroughly confused by this label.  I've been able to customize other parts of the form but not this one.  Thank you if anybody has any ideas.