Customer statement options???

I would like to have some basic (in my opinion) options when printing customer statements.  Does anyone have a way of doing the following:

1. Print only customer statements who have invoices that are more than 30 days past due. (or 60 days or 90 days, etc.)

2.  Exclude customers with a zero statement balance.

3.  Print credit balance statements ONLY.

  • Hi,

    Please go to Go to Maintain, then Default Information and then Statement/Invoices. This screen will allow you set global options for printing customer statements.

  • bslade:

    I have tried your suggestion and still have issues.  It's frustrating to have to change global defaults when I want to print a handful of statements.  Change defaults - print 10 statements - change defaults - print a couple more - change defaults............

    Also, the defaults don't always work the way it seems like they should.  For instance, if I want to print past due customers but only those who have had activity, those two options don't work together.  I get all customers with activity, not just the ones with past due invoices.

    I'm just very frustrated right now because it seems like a standard A/R statement (showing Previous Balance, Payments Received since last statement, new charges, new balance) should be an easy thing to produce and yet I have found it impossible.

  • I agree. What seems to be a standard AR statement seems impossible. Did you figure it out? 

  • Not in Sage.  We've moved our A/R to a different program!  lol

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