Automatic Backup Issue in Sage 50 US Quantum Accounting 2016

Hi there,

I am currently using Sage 50 US Quantum 2016 on Windows Server 2012. I setup a total of 50 automatic backup configuration files on the server and scheduled them to run in Windows Task Scheduler. It was running fine all the way until early this month (Nov 2021).

The processes stopped all of a sudden on the server and I checked the respective backup log file for each of those ptc files and noticed an error saying “Exception error occurred during backup: the path is not of a legal form”.” I did try to open each of those saved ptc files and click on the Backup button to test the process. It worked perfectly fine under the Automatic Backup console but if I schedule it and link it up to the task scheduler to run them in a preferred time slot, it will return the above error message and fail to carry out the tasks. Even though I modified the backup location to a different one, it would still give me the same error.

I have no idea what kind of error it is and wondering if any one here could kindly give me some tips of how to resolve this issue.

Thanks a lot in advance and really appreciate your replies.


  • This is a link to a document in the Sage knowledgebase that might help you resolve the problem.

    View Document - Sage Knowledgebase

  • Hi Kim, 

    Thank you so much for your reply and i did go through this knowledge-base article before. But unfortunately, it doesn't seem to cover the problem that we are facing at the moment.

    The backup log says that "the path is not of a legal form". This is what makes us confused. These ptc files have been in place on the server host for quite some time and they all have been running fine until early last month. Nothing has been changed or updated on the server host except for the NOD anti-virus pattern. 

    We did try to open each of those ptc configuration file under the Peachtree Automatic Backup console and the respective backup can be performed successfully by pressing the "Run Backup" in the toolbar menu. But once we schedule it in the Windows Task Scheduler, it failed to run and return an error code 12. Please see if you have any additional references that you can provide on this area. 

    Thank you very much for your reply. 


  • Did you try this?

    1. Allow the file PeachtreeBackup.exe or the Sage 50 Automatic Backup program through antivirus scans.
    2. Consult the documentation for your antivirus program.
    3. Verify you are able to create an automatic backup.
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  • Hi Kim, thanks for the advice. I actually had tried to disable the entire anti-virus engine but the task scheduler still fails to carry out the auto backup tasks as before. I will double check the anti-virus engine again and make sure that it does not have any effect on the backup process. Once again, really appreciate your suggestions and replies. If you have any other workarounds that you can think of, please let me know.