A/R & customer setup

We are a mortgage company, we often have customers take a draw against their loan balance.  We also write checks back to customers when they payoff a loan & their payment is more than what is due.  We like to be able to track all of these draw checks & overpayment checks back to customers.  We have gone into Bill Pay & entered a check by customer ID but that causes the check to show up in the aged receivables.  Is there a way around it showing in the aged receivables?

  • Anytime you use a Customer ID for payments, that transaction will show up in the A/R aging report and there is no way to prevent that. Sage is really not set up to handle the transactions of a Mortgage company but there may be a way to figure out how Sage could handle what you need it to do.

    When you use a CustomerID to pay out a check back to the customer, Sage is expecting you have a Customer Credit transaction that you have already entered. So you would need to set up a Customer Credit Memo for the overpayment. When a CustomerID is used in payment, Sage creates the offset to your Credit transaction and so both transactions appear on the A/R aging cancelling each other out. To get both of these transactions off the aging, you must add a new Receipt and choose both of these transactions which when applied to each other should equal a zero dollar in the receipt screen.

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