Construction workflow

Any info on the workflow for a construction / general contracting company? I am trying to understand what I can/should be utilizing in Sage 50 ( not Quatum) but I can’t seem to grasp the over all workflow that can be used in Sage 50 US. 

Our company receives 50% customer deposits , sometimes 2-4 months before starting the job for the customer. The job may only last 2-5 days once we start the job. We also do kitchen and bathroom work which those are a lot more complicated and can be drawn out. 

But figuring out how the system could flow from start to finish would be very beneficial. Any websites or info on this? 


  • In the Product Documentation, which is located in the Help Menu, or via, you should review information on the Job Cost Module. Customer Deposits are recorded as Prepayments through the Receive Money function. While Prepayments cannot be associated with a Job, the billings that you do against your Customers can be. Prepayments can then be applied against the Invoices. Further, you can bill your Jobs based on Percent of Proposal, if you bill in percentages vs dollars. The basic flow would be: (1) Set up a Customer, (2) Set up a Job/Phase/Cost Code, (3) Enter a Quote and/or Proposal, (4) Enter a Job Estimate, (5) Convert the Quote to a Sales Order once accepted, or mark the Proposal as accepted, (6) Enter the Deposit/Prepayment, (7) Do the work and Invoice your Customer, and last, (8) Apply the Deposit/Prepayment to your Customer Invoice(s). If you need additional assistance over and above the Product Documentation and, please reach out to us at 800-780-0700 / 954-961-0600 

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