Installing new 2021 client after upgrading server to 2022

After installing the 2022 update to the server and existing workstations successfully, I was tasked with setting up a new workstation.

Now when I try using the sage 2022 installer on the machine, I get the message that the license is not valid.

So I figured I would use the 2021 installer, and upgrade it to a 2022 client.
When I take this approach, during installation, the software insists that the only location with valid 2021 files are in the backup archive.
And after installation, the client will not update to 2022, insisting that the update must be performed on the server first.

I'm assuming that the software must update the license key when upgrading to 2022, and now I need to find that updated license key to install the 2022 version onto the fresh machine which did not have a pre existing installation.

And I'm also assuming that the server update message when installing the 2021 client was caused by the installer insisting on using the backup archive, and not allowing me to point it to the active company folder during installation.

Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated.