Associating Jobs with Sales Orders

Hello Forum!

I'm the new IT guy at a manufacturing company. We use Sage 50 US Quantum for our accounting. However, once we create a Sales Order in Sage, our whole process goes PAPER ONLY..

I'm looking to solve this problem with the software that we currently use. I recently discovered that Sage 50 US has "Jobs" and "Phases". This could potentially be amazing. 

Our process is very simple:

Create Sales Order --> Make Stuff --> Bill Customer.

What I need is the ability to create a "job" linked to a sales order, ideally with three phsaes: (not started) , (in progress), (completed) and then off to our shipping dept.. 

I do not understand how to associate a "Job" and a "Job ID" to a an existing Sales Order.

Getting anybody from Sage Service or Support has been zero help.

Hoping the community could off a little guidance.

  • Jobs and phases are used to track the costs associated with a project. From your description it sounds like you just want a way to keep track of where each order is within your process. If I'm right, then what you want Tracking Status, not Jobs.

    When you're in the Sales Order window you should have a "Track It" pane at the right side of the window. If you just see a narrow grey "Track It" bar, click on it to expand it. Here you can assign a status to an order and, if you want to, assign it to a person. You create your own list of statuses. If you're in the sales order window you can click the "Add or edit" link next to Tracking Status, or you can go to the Maintain menu > Workflow > Tracking Status Settings. Once you're in the Tracking Status Settings window, select the Sales Order tab on the left. You can set up as many different statuses as you want.