Sage 50 2020 Premium Client Workstation Requiring Server App Running

Looking for some advice on where to look or how to debug this issue.

We recently upgraded our Sage 50 to 2020.  Lately, we have determined that in order for a workstation to login to Peachtree, the application must be running on the server.  I literally need to login into the server and just load the application.  I don't need to login or open and specific company.  Once this is done, users can immediately login at their workstations.

If the application on the server closes, for any reason, the users or locked out until I start the application on the server again.

On our older version of this product, the SQL service would lock up periodically and once restarted the workstations would work fine.  Restarting the service after this upgrade has no effect.  Only launching the application works.

So I guess the first question is, is this normal?

Any ideas on how to make it so the app either doesn't need to be running on the server for the clients to work


How to keep the application from closing on the server so I don't need to log in 1 or more times a day to keep the clients working?

Been searching event logs and internet for answers but so far coming up blank on next potential steps.

Any insight would be appreciated.

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