Has anyone used Sage 50 in two stores(locations)

Anyone have a suggestion on the best way to operate Sage in two physical locations?  Thinks about opening a second location.  In a perfect world I would like to have both locations use the same part numbers.  Should you setup a new company?  If you do setup a new company is there a way to keep the two companies items in sync - what I mean if you add an item in one company do you have to physically add it in the other company?  Is there a way to run two physical locations out of one company?  Also, my file size total is 1346165 kbytes.  That is just for one location.  If I open my second location do I need to open a separate company because of this size?  Looking for suggestion to make this as easy as possible.  We would be transferring items between companies at times.  I know I could have two separate servers in each location but wanted to know if there was a way for both locations to work off the same server.  Thanks for any suggestions.

  • Hi Darrell,

    This article should answer some of your questions regarding tracking inventory in multiple locations.  https://support.na.sage.com/selfservice/viewdocument.do?noCount=true&externalId=34933

    There isn't a way to keep two companies in sync. Any item added in one company would have to be added in the other as well.

    Your data size is very large, so you may need to purge to shrink that size down.  See this article for how to purge data: https://support.na.sage.com/selfservice/viewdocument.do?noCount=true&externalId=12004

    You could set up a new company for the other location, but the problem would be that the companies are completely separate; any transactions entered in one company will not affect the other.  If they are separate business units that won't have transactions in common other than occasionally transferring inventory items back and forth, in that case it may be better to set them up as different companies and record inventory adjustments to show parts coming in or out of the particular company.

    The only way for both locations to work off the same server would be if you were using a VPN, but this is not recommended and not supported because of performance issues and the fact that Sage 50 wasn't designed to work with a VPN.  Although the speed has improved with faster and faster internet speeds, using Sage 50 on a VPN is still very slow, and would be exacerbated by a large company file with lots of inventory items.

     I hope this has been helpful.

  • Hi Darrell!

    The article Rod suggested ( https://support.na.sage.com/selfservice/viewdocument.do?noCount=true&externalId=34933 ) would be best for tracking the same item in multiple locations.

    Instead of a VPN, you might consider using Sage Remote Data Access, which syncs the data of a shared company between computers at two or more separate locations.  Remote Data Access has a data limit of 5.3 GB, so your current company size of 1.3 GB would be able to use it, even without purging data.

    Remote Data Access has a single-user version which is included with a Sage 50c subscription.  In that version you can only have one user logged in making changes in the shared company at a time, though other users can log into the company in read-only mode.  There's also a multi-user version of Sage Remote Data Access which can be purchased separately and removes this restriction.

    This article answers frequently asked questions about Remote Data Access and links to more detailed steps and resources for both the single-user and multi-user versions: https://support.na.sage.com/selfservice/viewdocument.do?noCount=true&externalId=72990 

  • For both speed and reliability, the best way to have users from multiple locations access the same Sage 50 company file, is to put it on  a Terminal Server. If you don't want to have to maintain your own Terminal Server, then I would look into using a hosting service.