Why are businesses buying O365?

Sage has partnered with Microsoft to integrate Office 365 into Sage 50c, a new toolkit for small business!


What is O365?

  • Office 365 in simple terms is a package of programs and services all in one place, hosted in the cloud.
  • These products and services are like Lego blocks which are all interlinked!


Find out why Sage is promoting Microsoft's product: Office 365. Take Advantage of Sage 50c + Office 365!

Why is it useful to you?

  • Adopting O365 can significantly reduce costs.
  • O365 takes away the worry of downtime. You just need an internet connection
  • Microsoft takes care of security
  • Collaboration tools in O365 increase productivity
  • It’s cloud based which means its accessible 24/7 by anyone
  • You’re always up to date as MS updates in the cloud automatically!
  • Save power space and expense by ditching the server and moving to the cloud.
    • Note*: You'll still need a physical server if you're on a network to network files from O365.
  • You only pay for what you use making cost control simple!