1st Key Benefit of O365: Reduced Risk!

Sage has partnered with Microsoft to integrate Office 365 into Sage 50c, a new toolkit for small business!

The 1st Key Benefit of O365: Reduce Risk of email downtime and data loss

  • Why is it important to reduce downtime?

    • Email is the lifeblood of a small business. When it goes down this can be catastrophic and can bring a business to its knees…..
    • Unable to see orders, revenue loss, affected brand reputation, inability to communicate with customers, loss of internal communication and employee productivity.

  • How Office 365 can help:

    • Take away the worry by hosting your email in the cloud with a massive 50Gb of inbox storage
    • All you need to access email is an internet connection. This can be a mobile phone with 3/4G from anywhere
    • MS supports a high availability system with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
    • Need to access that important spreadsheet or presentation? No problem. It's always there in the cloud! 

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Purchased Sage 50c with Microsoft Office 365 but need help to activate it?

We have a dedicated team available to support this 0365 integration with our Sage 50c product line available at 1-866-747-3888.