So, Sage 50cloud Can Connect to All of That? I Had No Idea!

I Did Not Know Sage 50cloud Could Connect to All of That? Did You?

Hey Sage 50 users! Are you getting the most out of your Sage 50 product? Are you aware of all the connected services and add-ons that can help you making your business life easier?

Here’s a short list of a few items that can aide you and your business to be more productive and get the most out of Sage 50.

  • Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium Integration: Did you know that you can see your client details, credit history, last invoice paid from Outlook without even opening Sage 50? Yep Sage Contact will allow you to send emails, work in Outlook and sync your customer/client data real-time! Sweet huh? The O365 Integration has so much more


  • Invoice Payments: Profit, Expenses and payments that’s the name of game: Using Invoice Payments powered by PayPal, Stripe and now Microsoft Pay you can add a “PAY NOW” button to all of your invoices to ensure you get paid for “services rendered”. There is no excuse – that little button can yield you massive results!


  • Sage Drive Multi-User: Have you ever imagined working from the beach…yeah well me either, BUT if you must work remote or have team members of your business that are across this great country of ours you all can use Sage 50 remotely using Sage Drive Multi-User. Having this feature allows team members, regardless of location to perform transactions in Sage 50 at the same time without disrupting the work flow. And if you do get to the Beach and need to work—well you can, while watching the dolphins!


  • Sage 50 grows with you: Sometime growing, getting bigger is a good thing—Sage 50 grows with you and your business. Did you know that the Sage 50 Quantum product has various modules for varying business types like service, non-profit, construction and manufacturing? It may be time to evaluate a different Sage 50 product type that will give you more bang for your buck!


  • Learning is Fundamental: Here’s a quote-“Don’t Let Your Learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning lead to action”! We want you to get the most our of Sage 50; we have quick classes, tips and tricks, productivity and webinars that will aide you learning about Sage 50 and how you really should be using it.

Take advantage of all the above and so much more by contacting your Sage 50 Account Manager at 877-495-9904 to get these add-ons!

Who knows you may get that beach trip after all!