New in Sage 50cloud Release 2021.0: Remote Data Access

With the release of Sage 50cloud 2021.0, the service formerly known as Sage Drive has been transformed into Remote Data Access. The technology has been improved and new features have been added to make managing users in a shared company easier and more powerful than ever before!

Upgrade to Cloud ID technology

The technology that powers Sage ID has been upgraded to Cloud Identity (Cloud ID). Cloud ID facilitates a single sign-on service experience for all connected services, including Remote Data Access.

Although the technology behind Sage ID has changed, the name has not, and the single sign-on Cloud ID will still be referred to as Sage ID.  All cloud connected services using the legacy Sage ID must migrate to the new Sage ID (Cloud ID) by March 2021.  

For current Sage Drive users on 2020.2 and earlier that are upgrading to 2021.0, the shared companies will have to be migrated to the new Sage ID (Cloud ID).  For the steps to migrate a Sage Drive company shared in a previous version to Remote Data Access in Release 2021.0, please visit Sage Knowledgebase Article 105896.

Improvements to User Security

In 2021.0 the Sage 50 user management and Remote Data Access sharing have been integrated.  This means that user management for Remote Data Access is now handled through the User Security screen in Sage 50 rather than having to go to a separate Internet site to add or remove users to a shared company.

As you can see below, the Email/Sage ID column has been added to User Security: 

Also, all admins in Sage 50 will now have data owner rights to pause and resume sharing, or even stop sharing!

For more information about Remote Data Access visit our Sage Knowledgebase.

So don’t hesitate; get upgraded to the new Sage 50cloud 2021.0 release and take advantage of the enhanced security and convenience of the new Remote Data Access!

  • I upgrade from version 2020 to 2021 then the server dont connect with sage driver, so i delete the sage drive company and now the local company ask to connect to the sage drive company first.  How i can activate my local company without the sage drive?

  • i bought a sage 50c premium with two user. I cannot share company even I am the owner. What shall I do. please help. 

  • I apologize for not answering this question sooner, I just didn't see it.  If you share the company over Remote Data Access, the company is onboarded to the cloud, so any users that access it would need to sign into the cloud with their Sage ID.  This doesn't preclude local users from accessing the company over the local network the way they normally do, but in order to access the company that is shared on the cloud, they do have to sign in with their Sage ID.  The good news is that once they're signed into the cloud, that token is good for 90 days, so they will not have to keep signing back into Sage ID.  When they open Sage, they will just sign into the company with their normal user name and password, so the user experience will be the same as what they're used to. 

  • Hi, Jose!  Yes, you can use Remote Data Access with however many users you are licensed for.  You just need to have the Sage Drive multi-user license (which is in addition to your existing 30-user license) to enable multiple users using Remote Data Access simultaneously.

  • Hi, can we use Remote Data Access with our 30 user license?  Are there limitations in this regard?