It’s totally all about YOU! You Spoke, We Listened and…We Acted! What's New 2019.2

It’s totally all about YOU!

You Spoke, We Listened and…We Acted!

The 2019.2 Release is all about you the Customer. For quite some time, fellow business owners like you have shared feedback, ideas and even proposed requests within Sage 50 that you would like to see changed!

Well it’s here—the time has come, and the choice is yours. We packed this release with 5 enhancements that you asked for. You spoke and we truly listened.

Drumroll please:

  1. Single Step printing for Sales Invoices, Sales Order, Picking List and Packing Slips! Fewer steps to print anything for that matter is always a great thing! Unless you have your Fitbit on…well… you get the idea Blush
  2. Attachments for General Journal Entries: you can now add attachments for reference to your General Journal Entries. You can reference documents for entries without it being a scavenger hunt game that you didn’t sign up for on your laptop for a single document or image!
  3.  List Window Enhancements: View Proposals, Sales Order, Deposits, Credit Memo, Payments, Write Checks, Vendor Credit Memos, Paychecks, Time Tickets, Expense Tickets in a list view. 
  4.  Date range options: Your reconciliation life just easier. You now have a ‘Last Year’ date range option on transaction list views. Oh yeah!
  5. It’s all about performance: Reports return to the top after every change made to them.

There you have it! We acted on your feedback, suggestions and requests. Keep the feedback coming- make sure you continue to post your ideas on the Sage City Ideation page. We are committed to at the very least delivering 5 suggestions for each release. So, keep those ideas coming!

NEW ENHANCEMENT: Sage Approvals using the Sage Capture App

We launched Sage Capture App [iOS & Android] a year ago and the feedback we received was that Business builders like yourself would prefer the ability to approve an expense prior to it being posted. This allows for a more streamline approval process with a notification in app to approve an expense. Many business builders are on the go, solidifying additional business, meeting with clients or suppliers, rather than having to spend time in the office or go back to the office to approval expenses, with Sage Approvals any/all expenses can be approved from the Sage Capture App.

Well that’s all folks!

I encourage you to watch the video to learn about the features you asked for that we delivered.  The 2019.2 video shows you exactly what we changed based on your feedback.  Click here to view the following video:

 Stay tuned for the next release; and don’t forget—keep the ideas coming. Post your feedback, suggestions and ideas here:  Sage City Ideation. We pride ourselves in delivering what you need for your business!

We are changing Sage 50cloud daily to make your business life easier!

Thank you for continuing to be a Sage Business Builder!