It's Release Day for Sage 50 US! -- What's New in the 2020.0 Release!

The 2020.0 Release is all about delivering requested Sage 50 feedback from you our customers. For quite some time, fellow business owners like you have shared feedback, ideas and even proposed requests within Sage 50 that you would like to see changed!

Well it’s here—the time has come, and the choice is yours. We packed this release with 3 enhancements that you asked for. You spoke and we truly listened.

Drumroll please:

  1. Expansion of field[s] to allow you to populate additional information
    1. Address fields associated with Maintenance records for Customers, Vendors and Employees were expanded to accommodate a greater number of characters for longer addresses (increased from 30 to 50)

    2. The Deposit Ticket ID field has been expanded to accommodate up to 20 characters (increased from 8 to 20)

    3. The Item Type field associated with Inventory Items was expanded to accommodate more characters (increased from 8 to 20)

    4. With many States introducing Paid Family Leave laws and other additional employee withholding taxes for designated types of businesses, fields “Special 3, 4 and 5” were added to the Withholding Info tab in the Maintain Employees & Sales Reps

    5. When emailing a Customer form, you can now choose to email a specific contact, other than the primary/bill-to contact by default. Forms included are: Sales Orders, Quotes, Proposals, Sales Invoices, Credit Memos, Change Orders and Receipts

    6. The Notes field was added to the Maintain Vendors area and mirrors the setup of Maintain Customers where the Notes field has existed for many releases

  2. Notes Field in Maintain Vendors: added to the Maintain Vendors area and mirrors the setup of Maintain Customers where the Notes field has existed for many releases
  3. IPM Inbox (Bell icon) – Sage Message Center: For messages that users have not dismissed in the carousel, a new “bell” notification was added to the Top Navigation on the Dashboard to indicate how many active messages have not been read or dismissed. Clicking on the “bell” icon will open the Sage Message Center which will display active messages, with a read or unread status.

There you have it! We acted on your feedback, suggestions and requests. Keep the feedback coming- make sure you continue to post your ideas on the Sage City Ideation page. We are committed to at the very least delivering 5 suggestions for each release. So, keep those ideas coming!


Database Upgrade from Pervasive v11 to Actian Zen v13

Performance is critical to your business. Be it performance within your business or getting goods and/or services to customers. Performing at optimal level is key for you and for Sage.

Sage 50 will perform a database upgrade from Pervasive to Actian this release. Ultimately this upgrade will allow Sage 50 perform at an optimal level.

Some important things that you will need know and do for this database upgrade:

  1. Update/install the latest version of Sage 50cloud [2020.0]
  2. Convert your company data AFTER installing 2020.0
  3. If you need help – Schedule an Appointment with our Sage Expert Services Team!

Note: Please reference Sage Knowledgebase article 14995 for instructions on how to locate your serial number. 

Important: You will need to convert your company data after installing this version. Need help with converting your data or installing the enhancements? Click here to learn more about Sage Expert Services and to Schedule an Appointment!

We created a video for you to view that aides you in converting your data after you have installed the 2020.0 version:

Well that’s all folks!

I encourage you to watch the video to learn about the features you asked for that we delivered.  The 2020.0 video shows you exactly what we changed based on your feedback.  Click here to view the following video:

Stay tuned for the next release; and don’t forget—keep the ideas coming. Post your feedback, suggestions and ideas here:  Sage City Ideation. We pride ourselves in delivering what you need for your business!

  • Hello BNoreen,

    At this time we do not offer a service which troubleshoots 3rd party generated QFX and OFX files.

    Have you taken advantage of the Bank Feeds feature within Sage 50 US? How to reconcile my account using Bank Feeds - This feature can assist you in  speeding up your Account Reconciliation process.

  • It is my understanding they still have a client/server version but you have to be very specific when you ask for it.  The real concern is getting switched from the ownership version to the subscription version.  We had "owned" Sage 50 since it was Peachtree in 2005.  We paid annual maintenance every year but we were duped or just outright changed to the subscription version 2 years ago without knowing it.  Now we no longer "own" the software or our data.  Good luck with getting a sales person that can explain it to you.

  • , thank you for trying to help. Unfortunately we have already been through these troubleshooting steps. We have also spent a significant amount of time with support representatives while they applied the recommended patches, and in the end it was suggested that we roll back to version 2019.1. We did this on an independent workstation to make sure it would work, which it did. However, as I mentioned before, it suddenly stopped working again a few months ago. This is an essential piece of the software which we are paying for, and we need it to work. In the meantime, bank recs take hours instead of minutes. , how can we provide a copy for examination so that further updates can be made?

  • Hello BNoreen,

    Here's an article from our knowledgebase to help you determine why your file may not be importing: Why does my OFX file fail to import?

  • You need a drumroll for that?  Expanded text fields, email that should have work that way from the beginning and a new database engine that may break other programs I have on my computer!  You guys really set the bar low.  How about allowing me to generate packing slips off of something other than an invoice?  We don't like partial invoicing for partial shipments.  We would like to invoice when the job ships complete.