Coming in January: Live year-end assistance for Sage 50--U.S. Edition

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as needing a quick answer to what, you’re sure, is a fairly simple question—especially at year-end. And that’s exactly why we’re introducing Sage Live Tutor.

Think of Sage Live Tutor like talk radio.  You submit your question through the chat option in our online meeting room where a Sage expert will be answering topics live over the internet as they come in.  And everyone can hear each question as its asked—so there’s sure to be lots of interesting information being shared!

To kick this program off, we’ll be hosting “Sage Live Tutor” every business day in January! Drop in anytime starting January 2, 2019 from 9am to 5pm ET / 6am to 2pm PT through January 31, 2019 for help with the following year-end topics:

  • Sage Live Tutor: Year-end Edition for Sage 50--U.S. Edition* 
    • How to close year-end
    • Installing Sage 50
    • Payroll and tax table updates

To participate, simply visit the Sage Year-end Center for Sage 50 and choose “Sage Live Tutor” under “Other Resources.”

*NOTE: Questions will only be addressed about the latest supported version of Sage 50. Questions which are specific to a customization or a way an organization specifically does business cannot be addressed during this time—please contact Support for assistance.

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