• Inventory Calendar for year 2022

    The new year 2022 is coming and that also means that you need to have year 2022 created in your Sage 500 inventory calendar. The Inventory Calendar must be set up before posting transactions to the year 2022.  Since there is no direct task on the Sage 500…

  • About bins in Sage 500

    Bins are built into Sage 500 activities to manage stock movement and inventory transactions.

    • Specify volume, weight, and count cycle for bins.
    • Define preferred bins for specific items.
    • Use fixed bins for items that may be stocked in various bin locations…
  • Set Up IM Options

    Set Up IM Options sets defaults that are used throughout Inventory Management and other modules, and activates / deactivates features and processing options available on the system. These options are designed to allow the users to tailor the Sage 500 ERP…

  • Available Inventory Quantities in Sage 500 ERP

    Sage 500 ERP product has summarized quantities in various screens to assist the user in making business decisions relating to inventory availability.  You probably noticed that often in various Sage 500 forms/windows (usually accessed thru one of IM context…

  • Purchase Orders; Warehouse Line Item Issue

    Got a question regarding Warehouse field on the PO Module. 

    When creating a P.O we normally place warehouse ID where our material is supposed to be shipped to

    The issue I'm having is when using a specific warehouse (above warehouse) when we delete the department…
  • Cost Tier Adjustment

    Adjustments to inventory value are made using Process Cost Tier Adjustments task. Here are some important  things to know about cost adjustments :

    • Inventory Quantity cannot be adjusted through Cost Tier Adjustments. Quantities in the cost tiers are not…
  • Build To Order Kits at Fulfillment

    Does anyone using Sage 500 have a Build Your Own kitting function at fulfillment?  I'm exploring the opportunity to offer customers an option to choose the items to include in a multi-pack gift set and pass along in a pick ticket for kitting and fulfillment…

  • How is cost calculated when processing Physical Counts?

    We are at the end of the year and many of you are preparing or already processing physical counts. If you are familiar with this process in Sage 500 you have already noticed that unit cost field is not available in any of the forms in this task. This…

  • Is there a way to change the Inventory adjustment transactions to use the 'Average' instead of the 'Replacement' unit cost?

    We are setup for inventory adjustments to use the replacement value, this value is incorrect. Can we change it to use the average cost?

  • Recalculate fiscal and inventory calendar period balances

    Sage 500 inventory history is tracked in multiple tables and by inventory calendar and fiscal calendar. If you are running into a situation where current quantities on hand and value are different when Inventory Valuation Report is run by different start…

  • anyone seen this error posting Phys Inventory batch?

    Even after closing out MAS and reopen and try to post again we get the same error.

  • Stock Valuation Report by Bins

    Is there a way to add bins to the stock valuation report. I need to know the value by bins. Thanks!

  • Missing primary key constraints on tciCarton.CartonKey

    Can somebody take a look at their database, and verify the following?

    I'm on Sage 500 2016  January 2018 MU (i.e.  tciCarton contains CartonKey, but it is NOT a primary key, nor are any constraints.

    As a result, I've got a few duplicate…

  • Inventory Valuation report for a specific date range based on transaction or posting dates

    Inventory Valuation report allows you to determine inventory value according to a specific date range based on transaction or posting dates. To generate the Past Period Inventory Valuation Report, the user will have to define the date of valuation and…

  • Inventory Valuation report for Sage 500 ERP

    Inventory Valuation report provides the value of inventory for some or all the inventory items in a warehouse for the prior periods. If you are troubleshooting Inventory Valuation report and need to dig into the tables and data that this report is using…

  • Help me to better understand the RMA process

    This may come down to being internally defined, but I am looking for examples of how you handle your RMA's as far as tracking in the Sage 500 system. By design, we originally had a Service Warehouse where all RMA's were receiveing into the default bin…

  • Lot/Serial Adjustment Problem

    I am trying to corect a serial number on an item and when I use the "Lot/Serial Correction" Utility the "Serial Number" fields are greyed out and not available to make changes.  No changes have previously been made for the item I am…

  • What is the difference between the Inventory Cost report and the Inventory Valuation report?

    What is the difference between the Inventory Cost report and the Inventory Valuation report? Why is there an option for both Cost and Valuation in the Cost report?

    The differences between the Inventory Cost and Inventory Valuation reports are primarily…

  • Cost Tier table schema

    The cost tier is an important costing feature provided by IM which allows the system to track the actual cost at which an item was purchased every time. 

    Sage 500 stores the cost in table timCostTier. Here is the schema for that table:

    A cost tier stores…

  • Option to Allow Negative Quantity On Hand Balances

    In IM Options a user can specify whether negative on-hand balances will or will not be allowed in their system. If the decision is to allow negative balances, Sage 500’s Negative On-Hand report allows users to research and to correct any remaining negative…

  • Can I specify per Sales Order what location to pick part from?

    I have the following scenario:

    1 warehouse

    2 locations

    2 bins

    I need for Sales Order "A" to pick from location 1/Bin1 and Sales Order "B" to pick from location 5/Bin 89.

    Can I setup the system to do this automatically? Is there something…

  • Export work order shipping reports to an excel template file or see if this is possible?

    Looking to export work order shipping reports to an excel template file or see if this is possible?
    We currently barcode a significant amount of inventory and want to be able to convert workorder #'s and locations to barcodes
    One thought was to export…

  • Cost Tiers

    We have cost tiers will zero quantity that have small balances in material costs.  What is the best way to zero out these balances?

  • Track methods for inventory items

    Inventory items can be tracked by lot or individual serial number or can be both lot and serial tracked.  

    • Serial - a unique number assigned to a single piece
    • Lot - a unique ID assigned to a homogeneous quantity of material
    • Both - use both serial and lot…
  • Explanation of differences between MaterReqPer and MatReqPc?

    We use Sage and write software that integrates our book information system with Sage for inventory and finance functionality. The information in Sage about Mat Req Pc is clear, but I can't seem to find information about MaterReqPer and how it relates…