• Price Sheets / Contract Pricing

    I have a situation where I am having trouble finding a solution. Please, see below:

    • I have one salesperson that I want to give promotional pricing to, but not other salespeople who pull out of the same warehouse
    • Is there any way that I can possibly use…
  • Sage Intelligence Filter and Parameter combination - need help

    Need some eyes on a Sage Intelligence Transaction report filters and parameters.  Please see attached file.  

    Adding filters with parameters works for one set but not another.  Can someone look to see if you have a suggestion as to why the filter/parameter…

  • Duplicate account numbers in consolidated report (Accounts S500 1-0)

    Changed a report to pick up 3 of our companies (A,P and C) 

    (Created consolidated connector then exported and imported the report using the consolidated connection)

    The accounts union report (Accounts S500)  is one of the many that are included in it.


  • EFT file location

    Can the EFT file be saved to a network location? 


    CITRIX, Sage 7.7

    When the set file location button is clicked only the C:\ drive contents are displayed with no option to change to a network drive.

    Thank you

  • Webcast: 2020 Sales Tax Changes

    For anyone that deals with sales and use tax, this is the most important presentation to attend this year. As 2020 nears, it's time to get prepared for the major tax changes taking effect across the United States. Register for our live webcast to …

  • Webcast: Become a Data-Driven Organization with Sage Alerts & Workflow

    Avoid the dreaded “if only we had known” 

    Business intelligence. Almost every organization has it as a goal, but few can afford the time, cost, and resources to implement it. Until now. Because just like ERP applications, when it comes to BI…

  • I am looking for a good OFAC Compliance tool that works with Sage 500 ERP

    I need a recommendation for OFAC Compliance tool that works with sage

  • Sage 500 Student Curriculum

    We have a couple of the printed versions of the Student Curriculum, but I was wondering if anyone a PDF version?

  • Limit Account Lookup

    We are working on updating our security per user, and want certain users to only be able to see certain accounts in GL Transactions Reports.

    Is this possible by user?

  • Single User Error "Unhandled Exception"

    I have a single user that has 2 views that throw an unhandled exception Object reference not set to an instance of an object when they use the lookup within the filter. If you enter data in the field then click refresh, data comes up. I have tried to delete…

  • Sales order on hold, due to credit issues

    When putting a sales order on hold, due to credit issues, is there a way to also put the work order on hold?

  • Invalid characters in Item and SO ids

    We are running into issues where a user copies a part ID from an excel sheet only to get a space at the end of the item ID or SO tranno.  Sage support didn't have a good suggestion to keep this from happening. 

    Has anyone else run into this?  If so what…

  • Is MS Office required on the server for Sage 500?

    I have inherited a Sage 500 (7.4) system and the server has MS Office 2007 installed.  Is this a necessary component of Sage 500 or can Office be uninstalled?  I know it is old, let's not get hung up there.  I am working on vulnerability remediation…

  • Delete Pick Group

    I have SAGE500 linked with O2 mobile.  Under O2 Maintain pick groups, how do I delete a created pick group?

  • clsScriptMgr.ExecuteScript: Method '~' of object '~' failed

    A user is getting this error message when they try to complete a Transfer Order. In the past, logging out and back in has allowed the user to continue, however now it's not working as a workaround anymore. I logged in on my account and the transfers went…

  • Drill Down Error - Invalid authorization specification

    I was following the instructions from this website:


    When trying to run the second drill down on the report, I get an error message…

  • Former Sage 500 partner now at 500 customer looking to network with other customers in Northeast

    I am a former Sage 500 partner with over 15 years of experience , certified through last year in Sage 500, 300, CRM and with experience in HRMS, IT Management and Business Intelligence.

    If you have needs you'd like to discuss, feel free to contact me…

  • General Ledger Import ignores required reference codes

    We have reference codes required on some of our GL accounts.  When we import a journal entry, it is possible to post the entry without the reference code.  Is there a way to stop this?

  • Have you tried Sage Intelligence report templates?

    Sage Intelligence comes with several financial and operational templates that can be accessed using one of the 5 free Report Manager licenses for Sage ERP 500.  For more information on how to a get started with Sage Intelligence follow this link: http…

  • Can you change the reports that run when closing a module?

    We recently upgraded from 7.4 to 2014.  In 7.4 when we ran the AP Aging report it ran the Invoice Summary.  In 2014 it runs the Vendor Summary.  Is there a place to change this?

  • Initial Check Printing

    I am trying to print my first run of checks and they all come out with "VOID" on the page.  It seems there is an overlay or a background causing this.  Does anyone know how to turn this off.  I searched for sometime, but did not figure out how…

  • RE: Sage 500 7.4 end of life

    I want to thank Linda Cade for running with this and providing this detail feedback in response to the above questions. It was also great to see her post that she provides a link to above.

    We have been very candid with our message on this subject as well…

  • Unlock Custom Sage Intelligence report when user forgot password

    User create a new report (not a copy of a Sage template) and locked it. She wants to delete the report now but cannot remember password she used to lock it. Anyone know if there is a Sage or Alchemex utility available the user can use to either unlock…