• clsScriptMgr.ExecuteScript: Method '~' of object '~' failed

    A user is getting this error message when they try to complete a Transfer Order. In the past, logging out and back in has allowed the user to continue, however now it's not working as a workaround anymore. I logged in on my account and the transfers went…

  • Upgrade Path

    Hi. I am using Sage 500 ERP version 7.4 and would like to upgrade to Sage 500 ERP 2016. Can I directly upgrade to the latest version? If not, what is the upgrade path to install the latest version? Thanks.

  • Sales order picked but not shipped


    How can I find sales orders picked but not shipped yet?



  • Invalid MAS_500_Admin user and password

    Hello, Sage City.

    I have a issue with the Data Import Manager module of the Sage 500 ERP. 2014 The Import Job Progress will become stuck after executing it. After cancelling the import, a message reads the step was canceled. The other message states …

  • StarShip and Sage 500

    Is anyone using StarShip version 15 or later and Sage 500 2014?

  • Best practices for upgrading from Sage/MAS 500 v7.4 to MAS v2014.1

    My client is planning to upgrade from MAS 500 v7.4.4 to v2014.1. 

    Can anyone offer pointers to best practices, checklists, installation and test procedures & plans.  Plus, anything special to pay extra attention to?

    Thanks in advance,