• Sage Intelligence Filter and Parameter combination - need help

    Need some eyes on a Sage Intelligence Transaction report filters and parameters.  Please see attached file.  

    Adding filters with parameters works for one set but not another.  Can someone look to see if you have a suggestion as to why the filter/parameter…

  • Split Commission Invoice in vdvInvoice


    I am noticing that invoices with a split commission are not showing up for the secondary salesperson in vdvInvoice. Has this been an issue for anyone else? 

  • I am looking for a good OFAC Compliance tool that works with Sage 500 ERP

    I need a recommendation for OFAC Compliance tool that works with sage

  • Export work order shipping reports to an excel template file or see if this is possible?

    Looking to export work order shipping reports to an excel template file or see if this is possible?
    We currently barcode a significant amount of inventory and want to be able to convert workorder #'s and locations to barcodes
    One thought was to export…

  • Looking for help on finds the material Item field name/ table in maintain router

    I am trying to do a crystal report that I need to pull the field that is"material Item"(SEE THE YELLOW HIGHLIGHED  that is located in Maintain Router, Detail, then material. The Operation type is

     Outside Processing.  Does anyone know the table…

  • Changes to 'Print Edit List' report

    We recently upgraded from SAGE ERP 500 v7.4 to SAGE ERP 500 v7.7 (2016) and have noticed a change to the 'Print Edit List' report in AP. The Crystal Report file name is APZRY001.rpt. In v7.4 this report included the Vendor ID and Vendor Name for each…

  • Cannot change script language from VBScript to JScript

    I would like to change the scripting language in an event in a Form Script Editor, when when I change the Language pulldown menu from VBScript to JScript, I get an error dialog with the text

    Script language changed. Modify existing script's syntax to…

  • Drill Down Error - Invalid authorization specification

    I was following the instructions from this website:


    When trying to run the second drill down on the report, I get an error message…

  • Sales order picked but not shipped


    How can I find sales orders picked but not shipped yet?



  • When printing a posted invoice it's also emailing it to the customer.

    We are just setting up MAS to transmit invoices from the system. However, when I'm trying to print an older posted invoice it prints and it automatically transmits the invoice to the customer contacts. How can I fix it to only transmit when I tell it…

  • Former Sage 500 partner now at 500 customer looking to network with other customers in Northeast

    I am a former Sage 500 partner with over 15 years of experience , certified through last year in Sage 500, 300, CRM and with experience in HRMS, IT Management and Business Intelligence.

    If you have needs you'd like to discuss, feel free to contact me…

  • Crystal Reports XI Training

    We are looking for a good source for Crystal Reports XI training.  Does anyone have recommendations?

  • where can i fine the file layout overview for sage erp 500

    I'm trying to write some report, and i need to know where i can find information about the tables, would like to know about the list of tables.

  • what are Dashboards

    I would like to know what are Dashboards and how can I configure them?

  • How to implement Dashboards

    I'm new and would like to implement so i can learn, business insights dashboards. sage 500

  • Sage 500 Validate GL Account SP?

    I've just requested the SDK documentation for V2014 as I seem to not have received it, but...

    Is there a straight-forward SP or sequence that I can use to accept a GL Account number and validate it against my live database? 

    I will probably want it…

  • Have you tried Sage Intelligence report templates?

    Sage Intelligence comes with several financial and operational templates that can be accessed using one of the 5 free Report Manager licenses for Sage ERP 500.  For more information on how to a get started with Sage Intelligence follow this link: http…

  • Is there a way to reduce the number of pages printed for one AR transaction?

    Every time I enter a payment from a customer, 4 pages are printed out. Two of them say "Cash Receipts Register - Summary", one says "Cash Receipts Register - Recap" and the last page says "General Ledger Posting Register - Detail".…