• How to find a lost un posted invoice that I lost and can no longer find

    Hello everyone, 

    i was working on invoicing yesterday and i lost one of my biggest invoice and didn’t get to register/post it and now I can’t find it

    this is what I did. 
    I went to Invoices and made a batch with all of the invoices then clicked…

  • Error posting Receipt of Goods batch

    Hello! We are trying to post a batch of Receipt of Goods and keep receiving the following error:

    Can anyone offer advice/suggestions/a solution??

    Thank you!

  • Cash Management - Multiple GL accounts - Invalid Offset Account

    I needed to divide a one CM deposit into 5 seperate GL entries that were the same account but with different reference numbers.  Invalid offset account kept coming up, so I tried a difference GL account and it took the account and reference number.  After…

  • Former Sage 500 partner now at 500 customer looking to network with other customers in Northeast

    I am a former Sage 500 partner with over 15 years of experience , certified through last year in Sage 500, 300, CRM and with experience in HRMS, IT Management and Business Intelligence.

    If you have needs you'd like to discuss, feel free to contact me…

  • Using Data Porter for Project Transactions

    I'm in Finance / Accounting at an international consulting firm. We're trying to find a way to accrue revenue at a project level without having to record credit memos and reversing debit memos that would actually impact accounts receivable. We're therefore…

  • We have 2 old pick lists that are stuck. The pick numbers show up in Explore-Pick Lists (show as status = pending) but when I type the pick list numbers no records are found.

    We have 2 old pick lists that are stuck.  

    The pick numbers show up in Explore-Pick Lists (ship status = pending and there is a shipment number) but when I type the pick list numbers to reprint pick list, cancel pick list or confirm picks the pick numbers…

  • Paying AP Invoices by Credit Cards

    Currently we enter AP Invoices under the company name then on the due date we pay by credit card and make a flip to remove from the vendors name into the appropriate Credit card AP account..  Is there an easier way to complete the flips without entering…

  • General Ledger Import ignores required reference codes

    We have reference codes required on some of our GL accounts.  When we import a journal entry, it is possible to post the entry without the reference code.  Is there a way to stop this?