• Is there a way to access the db connection(for temp tables) that Sage uses in vbscript?

    On the customization of the SO form, can we access the db connection that Sage is on for updating the temp tables, which otherwise are not accessible from another connection.

  • Is there a tool that will allow Sage 500 to retrieve a file from FTP for automated processing?

    Trying to integrate Sage 500 A/P with a third party application that drips a batch file into FTP.  Sage 500 processing is already automated to process the batch, but it needs something to allow it to automatically retrieve the file from the FTP server…

  • how to download sdk

    i am trying to integrate sage 500 with my application , but i am unable to find from where i can download sage 500 sdk ....can any one help me out ?

    thank you