• Has anyone used an external requisition software?

    Has anyone used a software package that integrated with Sage 500 ERP for creating Requisitions outside of Sage and then generating Purchase Orders in Sage? What software did you use? How did that process go? Any recommendations or precautions?

  • I am looking for a good OFAC Compliance tool that works with Sage 500 ERP

    I need a recommendation for OFAC Compliance tool that works with sage

  • Sage500 API Documentation

    I am new to Sage and we are looking for Sage500 API documentation because we need to pull data from Sage into a different receivables application.  I have been looking around on the website and cannot find anything and I have made 10 calls to 10 different…

  • Is there a tool that will allow Sage 500 to retrieve a file from FTP for automated processing?

    Trying to integrate Sage 500 A/P with a third party application that drips a batch file into FTP.  Sage 500 processing is already automated to process the batch, but it needs something to allow it to automatically retrieve the file from the FTP server…

  • how to download sdk

    i am trying to integrate sage 500 with my application , but i am unable to find from where i can download sage 500 sdk ....can any one help me out ?

    thank you

  • Accounts Payable Processing Software

    Which Accounts Payable Processing Software would work well with Sage 500?

  • Creating customer through API aka stored procedures

    I have been trying to create a customer in Sage 500 by means of sage provided stored procedures. To start with, I have my own stored procedure which creates a record in staging table, ie. stgCustomer. Thereafter, I invoke a stored procedure(api by Sage…

  • Are there any stored procedure to create/update customer and customer contact?

    I recently started working with sage 500 api which is really a set of stored procedures. At this stage, I want to create/update a customer as well as the corresponding contact. Does anyone have any idea of what stored procedures to use for this purpose…