• Using Data Import Manager with SQL source connection

    Remember that you can use Data Import Manager to import data from any SQL Server data source. In this example I am using an SQL view (vdvBudgetAnalysis_COA) to import budgets from company COA to company SOA. Make sure that in your case it’s possible to…

  • DataPorter and Metadata

    DataPorter is based on moving data between spreadsheets and forms. It prepares a spreadsheet to receive data. Data is either copied or entered in the spreadsheet. It then takes the rows on the spreadsheet and imports them back to the form. DataPorter…

  • Will there be a new release of Sage 500 in 2019 (Sage 500 2019)?

    Will there be a new release of Sage 500 in 2019 (Sage 500 2019)?   If so, what's the timeframe and major features to expect?   We have several clients that need upgrading and would like to plan them accordingly.


    John Lian

    The ERP Group

  • Migrating Sage 300 to Sage 500

    Hello Community,

    I have a couple questions that i need help with. We are thinking of moving our sister company, that is using Sage 300, to our Sage 500  software. Has anyone successfully done this before? Can someone point me in the correct direction on…

  • How to add Data Import Manager job as a task

    In Sage 500 you can add the Data Import Manager job as a task on the user's menu by giving them the ability to run the tasks without granting them access to the Data Import
    Manager module itself.

    • Launch MAS 500 and go to System Manger>Tools>Task…
  • What can you import into Sage 500?

    Sage 500 has multiple import tools and here is the list what each of them can import.

    Imports using DataPorter:

    Enter Inventory Transactions
    Enter Invoices
    Enter Journal Transactions
    Enter Purchase Orders
    Enter Quotes
    Enter Sales Orders
    Enter Vouchers

  • How to find invalid email addresses in Sage 500

    Here is a tip to help you find invalid email addresses associated to customer contact records. We have run across data had been imported from other systems with incomplete or wrong email addresses, that found their way into the EmailAddr field in the contact…

  • Importing Pending Cash Receipts

    If you frequently need to import pending cash receipts from your customers the best tool in Sage 500 is Data Import Manager. Once your Data Import Manager module is activated and configured to run on your SQL server all you need to do is create a new source…

  • General Ledger Import ignores required reference codes

    We have reference codes required on some of our GL accounts.  When we import a journal entry, it is possible to post the entry without the reference code.  Is there a way to stop this?

  • Electronic filing for 1099 from Sage 500, Does it work?

    I would like to electronically file my 1099 forms this year if possible.  Does the process work in Sage 500?