• Duplicate account numbers in consolidated report (Accounts S500 1-0)

    Changed a report to pick up 3 of our companies (A,P and C) 

    (Created consolidated connector then exported and imported the report using the consolidated connection)

    The accounts union report (Accounts S500)  is one of the many that are included in it.


  • Email Variables

    We want to customize our statement emails to include customer name, code, etc.

    Can Document Transmittal accept variables?  if so, is there a list of variables?



  • How to find out exactly what an application is doing in Sage 500 without source code?

    Our company wants to write its own labor entry screen outside of Sage 500 (ITAR compliance for a government contract), but integrate it by writing/updating/selecting from the Sage files. Basically mimic what Sage 500 is doing. How do I do this without…

  • Invalid characters in Item and SO ids

    We are running into issues where a user copies a part ID from an excel sheet only to get a space at the end of the item ID or SO tranno.  Sage support didn't have a good suggestion to keep this from happening. 

    Has anyone else run into this?  If so what…

  • Explanation of differences between MaterReqPer and MatReqPc?

    We use Sage and write software that integrates our book information system with Sage for inventory and finance functionality. The information in Sage about Mat Req Pc is clear, but I can't seem to find information about MaterReqPer and how it relates…

  • Maintain Items custom fields disappearing

    Today as well as last Friday, my company reported all our custom-designed and added fields on the Maintain Items screen disappeared. On Friday, I readded them based on a snapshot from a previous DB version... this morning, they were all gone again.


  • Sage Intelligence Row definition

    We are trying to use SI as a replacement for FRx. It does not appear to have the concept of Trees or Rows. Anyone had this issue and if so how did you get around it?

  • How to disable toolbar button and load another item on item maintenance form

    I have a customization project to create a customized item copy function on Inventory Item Maintenance form. A custom command button is added to the form. When user clicks the button, it fires stored procedure I created to copy the current item with a…

  • Calling code in external DLL through Event VBScript

    I am an experienced developer (mostly C#/.NET, some VBScript, Java, C, ...) and have gotten my hands dirty in Sage 500, but not too much. I've been tasked with a bit more customization here.

    I would like to call APIs from an external (.NET) DLL via…

  • Is there a tool that will allow Sage 500 to retrieve a file from FTP for automated processing?

    Trying to integrate Sage 500 A/P with a third party application that drips a batch file into FTP.  Sage 500 processing is already automated to process the batch, but it needs something to allow it to automatically retrieve the file from the FTP server…

  • how to download sdk

    i am trying to integrate sage 500 with my application , but i am unable to find from where i can download sage 500 sdk ....can any one help me out ?

    thank you

  • AR Commission Report by Line Item

    Our AR department is asking IT for a way to calculate commissions by line item from the invoice.  We cannot find a way to customize a report that pulls both Sales History and Invoice History.  Is there anyone out there that has accomplished this or is it…

  • Former Sage 500 partner now at 500 customer looking to network with other customers in Northeast

    I am a former Sage 500 partner with over 15 years of experience , certified through last year in Sage 500, 300, CRM and with experience in HRMS, IT Management and Business Intelligence.

    If you have needs you'd like to discuss, feel free to contact me…

  • Enter Sales Orders and Quotes / Customizer


    A textbox has been added to Maintain Customer so that we can add custom notes. We would like to have these notes displayed in the Enter SO and QO task when the customer is selected. 

    I added a textbox and did a databind on custkey between my custom…

  • Income Statement

    How can i create a income statement based on Natural Accounts, instead of listing all accounts, we just want the natural account  (a sum of all accounts under that) to be shown in the Income Statement.

  • where can i fine the file layout overview for sage erp 500

    I'm trying to write some report, and i need to know where i can find information about the tables, would like to know about the list of tables.

  • what are Dashboards

    I would like to know what are Dashboards and how can I configure them?

  • Sage 500 Validate GL Account SP?

    I've just requested the SDK documentation for V2014 as I seem to not have received it, but...

    Is there a straight-forward SP or sequence that I can use to accept a GL Account number and validate it against my live database? 

    I will probably want it…

  • How to pass session.UserId into a shortcut task?

    Using Sage MAS 500 August 2010 Update (Version

    Created a shortcut task that calls an .exe. I wish to pass session.UserID as an argument, so that the exe can use it to verify if the user has the authority to use certain features within the exe…