• Price Sheets / Contract Pricing

    I have a situation where I am having trouble finding a solution. Please, see below:

    • I have one salesperson that I want to give promotional pricing to, but not other salespeople who pull out of the same warehouse
    • Is there any way that I can possibly use…
  • User Activity

    Once again, sorry for these newbie questions... 

    Is there a way to view user/users activity log? For example if a user ran a report, what report was ran... If he did some data entry, where did he did that. I'm currently trying to monitor this monster…

  • Need to find consultants to teach us how to use Sage 500 purchasing module properly - Located in Irvine, California area.

    We recently acquire a UK company that runs Sage 500. We found out that there is not a lot of knowledge in the organization there about the purchasing module and we also have been tasked to learn that function. Therefore we have a need to find a good consultant…

  • Is there a keyboard shortcut to advance tabs?

    I've used other versions of Sage, but I'm new to Sage 500. Is there a keyboard shortcut to advance tabs when you're in Accounts Payable > Process Vouchers > Enter Vouchers? I'd like to be able to use a shortcut to move from the header tab to the detail…

  • Inventory Allocation

    Does Sage allow you to allocate OH inventory to only be shipped for a specific customer?

  • EFT file location

    Can the EFT file be saved to a network location? 


    CITRIX, Sage 7.7

    When the set file location button is clicked only the C:\ drive contents are displayed with no option to change to a network drive.

    Thank you

  • New company setup

    We currently use Sage Mas500 for three companies. We would like to create a new company and use one of the existing entities as a template so as to avoid manually configuring the various modules. I've read that this may be possible in other versions of…

  • SAGE 500 GL Posting restrictions

    We do not have a way to restrict a user from creating and posting a journal entry in the GL.  Our IT department tells us it isn't possible.  How is everyone else dealing with this in Sage 500?

  • how do I know when a sales order is fulfilled and ready to invoice

    I am using MAS500 and I am handling many spare parts orders.  Most of the parts I need to order from my vendors and will wait for them to be received.  How do I know when the parts are received and a sales order is ready to invoice?

  • New company setup

    Can someone point me in the direction to set up another company within Sage 500?  We will be adding another company on and I want to keep them completely separate from one another. Therefore I will need to setup a whole new company / entity for AP, AR,…

  • Can I specify per Sales Order what location to pick part from?

    I have the following scenario:

    1 warehouse

    2 locations

    2 bins

    I need for Sales Order "A" to pick from location 1/Bin1 and Sales Order "B" to pick from location 5/Bin 89.

    Can I setup the system to do this automatically? Is there something…

  • Can you prevent AP / AR from using certain accounts?

    Is there a way to prevent AP from using revenue accounts and a way to prevent AR from using AP related accounts? 

  • Single User Error "Unhandled Exception"

    I have a single user that has 2 views that throw an unhandled exception Object reference not set to an instance of an object when they use the lookup within the filter. If you enter data in the field then click refresh, data comes up. I have tried to delete…

  • Sales order on hold, due to credit issues

    When putting a sales order on hold, due to credit issues, is there a way to also put the work order on hold?

  • SO Customization Invalid Incorrect Number of Rows Returned - How to correct

    I ran into an issue today adding a new NT authenticated user to Sage 500 Version 2014.  Basically once the user was added using Maintain Users, when I tried to launch Enter Sales Order and Quotes, I received the following error:

    SO Customization Invalid…

  • Delete Pick Group

    I have SAGE500 linked with O2 mobile.  Under O2 Maintain pick groups, how do I delete a created pick group?

  • SAGE 7.6 Client getting occasional .Net errors

    I have set up a test environment to upgrade SAGE from 2013 to 2016 (7.7). We have a SAGE database server and a Remote Desktop server that has the client installed. In the past two months we have seen six of seven times when the client login will error…

  • how to download sdk

    i am trying to integrate sage 500 with my application , but i am unable to find from where i can download sage 500 sdk ....can any one help me out ?

    thank you

  • Remote application

    We have users clicking on an icon that launches the Sage 500 apliation session remotely -- on a Windows server 2012 machine.  Some users have complained that the application font is too small. I have modified the users' local display and I have modified…

  • When printing a posted invoice it's also emailing it to the customer.

    We are just setting up MAS to transmit invoices from the system. However, when I'm trying to print an older posted invoice it prints and it automatically transmits the invoice to the customer contacts. How can I fix it to only transmit when I tell it…

  • Former Sage 500 partner now at 500 customer looking to network with other customers in Northeast

    I am a former Sage 500 partner with over 15 years of experience , certified through last year in Sage 500, 300, CRM and with experience in HRMS, IT Management and Business Intelligence.

    If you have needs you'd like to discuss, feel free to contact me…

  • Reports that transmittal documents in PDF format have errors

    My client is using document transmittal for Invoices and their customers were having issues opening it. I have suggested that they remove the "Body Text" from the Set up Document Transmittal screen. This in turn alleviated a lot of the issues. Now they…

  • You have reached maximum number of concurent users for your lankpak

    I'm getting an error above metioned, even I tried to log to sample DB,

    I got a message suddenly " you don't have license to use this product"

    Then I tried to repair the accpac then I'm getting " You have reached maximum number of concurrent…

  • Product Configurator - Sage 500 ERP Manufacturing

    Has anyone implemented this module with Sage 500 Manufacturing in a discrete environment?

  • How to implement Dashboards

    I'm new and would like to implement so i can learn, business insights dashboards. sage 500