• Adding quantity from invoice lines to project lines view/explorer screen.

    We are starting to you use Project accounting, and find the explorer window great. However, the quantity invoiced in the vdvproject lines view, seems to be inaccurate. Infact, we would like to quantity from invoices lines view. I have tried a couple joins…

  • Bank Accounts - Possible to Edit the name?

    I know it's possible to do but can't recall where in SAGE 500 I am able to edit a Bank Account.  I recently created a few bank accounts in SAGE 500 ERP.  Realized I could  be more brief with the account name and went to edit them however the Bank…

  • MAS 500 ERP 2021 update 2 error: No Sales Order options records exists for your company

    Database and Client upgraded from MAS 500 ERP 2018 ( to Version 2021 update 2 (version on test environment. For Sales Order, when tried to create new sales order error No Sales Order options records exists for your company pops up. 


  • Price Sheets / Contract Pricing

    I have a situation where I am having trouble finding a solution. Please, see below:

    • I have one salesperson that I want to give promotional pricing to, but not other salespeople who pull out of the same warehouse
    • Is there any way that I can possibly use…
  • AP Voucher Entry - Shortcut to go Back in to Grid?

    When I'm in the AP enter vouchers window, if I'm on the Totals tab, is there a keyboard shortcut to enter back into the grid on the Details tab? I know that I can do Alt + D to go back to the tab, but I'm hoping to find a way to enter back into the grid…

  • Office update to 2019

    We have some users using Sage 500 locally, we just did an Office update to 2019. Now the export does not work in the Explore view. Options are greyed out.. Is there a setting in Sage needs to be updated?

  • Sage Intelligence Filter and Parameter combination - need help

    Need some eyes on a Sage Intelligence Transaction report filters and parameters.  Please see attached file.  

    Adding filters with parameters works for one set but not another.  Can someone look to see if you have a suggestion as to why the filter/parameter…

  • Material Costs in reference to routings

    I am stumped and need to find some answers, hopefully someone here can help?

    On the routings, each material item has an associated "Material Cost", I am trying to determine where is cost is coming from. It doesn't matter to me if the material part if…

  • Duplicate account numbers in consolidated report (Accounts S500 1-0)

    Changed a report to pick up 3 of our companies (A,P and C) 

    (Created consolidated connector then exported and imported the report using the consolidated connection)

    The accounts union report (Accounts S500)  is one of the many that are included in it.


  • Error in CalcCrRatioSlackTime Routine

    Trying to run Schedule Generation for the first time and i'm getting a few errors.

    it was going through the steps and stopped at a work order. gave an "Error 5 occurred at frmmfzmn001 in Procedure cmdGenerateSched_Click. Invalid procedure call or…

  • Critical error during matching process

    Trying to post a Goods Receipt and get this message during matching. What would cause this?

  • Automatic creation and posting of recurring transactions

    How can I have recurring transactions create a batch and post it automatically?

    I've set up the recurring transaction for monthly. I know I can pull in the recurring transaction(s) into a batch Process Journal Entry and post it each monthly manually.…

  • Crystal Reports

    I am having an issue with a workstation

    new Windows 10 computer, installed the Mas500 2019 client

    When the user tries to run the Aged Receivables, he gets an error

                  "crystal print engine the system cannot find the file specified"

    I have…

  • EFT file location

    Can the EFT file be saved to a network location? 


    CITRIX, Sage 7.7

    When the set file location button is clicked only the C:\ drive contents are displayed with no option to change to a network drive.

    Thank you

  • New NACHA compliance changes in 2020

    Do we have any update on Sage 500 coming to meet the new NACHA requirements that are slated to take effect mid-2020? 


  • Anyone with Sage 500 experience in New Hampshire looking for an opportunity?

    Emerson Ecologics in Manchester NH is looking for an ERP Manager with Sage 500 and WMS experience.

    Here is a link to the position.


  • On Time Ship Metrics


    We are currently in Sage 500 Version. 7.4. 

    Does Sage 500 have a user friendly On Time Ship and Current Late Units reporting ability besides exporting and filtering data in an excel spreadsheet? 

    I am super new to Sage 500 so any advise or direction…

  • Auto-Signature maintenance

    How do I adjust the rules for accounts payable check auto-signatures?

  • I am looking for a good OFAC Compliance tool that works with Sage 500 ERP

    I need a recommendation for OFAC Compliance tool that works with sage

  • Sage 500 Student Curriculum

    We have a couple of the printed versions of the Student Curriculum, but I was wondering if anyone a PDF version?

  • Import Doesn't Show up in Journal or Ledger

    We want to import a csv file instead o manual entries to save time. I select file "Select Import/Export" select "General Ledger" and then we created a template for our import file. The fields are in this order



  • Limit Account Lookup

    We are working on updating our security per user, and want certain users to only be able to see certain accounts in GL Transactions Reports.

    Is this possible by user?

  • Single User Error "Unhandled Exception"

    I have a single user that has 2 views that throw an unhandled exception Object reference not set to an instance of an object when they use the lookup within the filter. If you enter data in the field then click refresh, data comes up. I have tried to delete…

  • Sales order on hold, due to credit issues

    When putting a sales order on hold, due to credit issues, is there a way to also put the work order on hold?

  • "error during updates" when posting workorders of more than 100 items

    We are receiving "error during updates" when posting workorders of more than 100 items.  My hunch is that this is due to other database activity or locks on the system.  Has anyone else experienced this behavior?  (We are on Sage 500 2014).