• Multiple Office Installs - Export to Excel Option Available but Excel Does Not Launch

    I have a client running Sage 500 2019..   Excel 2010 was originally installed on the server.   Export to Excel worked.    However, someone tried installing Excel from Office 365.   They didn't have the correct licensing for Office.    Office 365 was uninstalled…

  • Upgraded to 2021 - Avalara integration on Azure Servers

    Hi Everyone,  We have an escalated case in with Avalara but I figured I should  reach out for help on here too.

    We just upgraded to SAGE 2021 PU2 on Friday and our Avalara program works fine on one of our networks but doesn't work on our remote Gateway…

  • Document Transmittal error 401 in MAS 500 version 2021

    MAS 500 system upgraded from version 2018 to 2021 (v After the upgrade, AP stopped emailing EFT deposit statement, generated error message below when used SMTP (smtp.office365.com:587) mail server first time. If Exchange > Outlook.Office365…

  • Sage 500 Domain User Creation - Domain Missing


    I'm in the process of moving SAGE server from one MS Domain to another. I've imported the DB and Ran the DB update utility to synchronize to the current database. The road block I'm facing is how to add newly created users to Sage if the domain…

  • Credit Card Processing

    Is Paya (formerly Sage Payment Solutions) the only payment processor that will work with Sage MAS 500?

  • Sage 500


    connection to Sage500, via API, but I have been told the client needs give approval to  Sage for us to work on it? What is the correct procedure for this and is there an access form, that the client fills out for us to get access/ approval?


  • Is there any Open API for Sage 500


    I need to know if there are open APIs to integrate my web applications with sage 500 ?

    similar to the one available for Sage Business cloud accounting here : https://developer.sage.com/api/accounting/api/



  • API Integration with Sage 500


    We have a product that automates AP processes, wanted to know about the details of API integrations which can help us in sending purchase invoices to Sage 500. 

    Preferably pointed resources on integrating for the UK market. 



  • Integrating Accounts Receivable Software

    We are starting the search for AR software to help mainly with cash application and dispute management, and potentially some collections tasks. What are some of the best options you have that have interfaced with SAGE 500?

  • Address Validation with Avalara


    We have encountered an issue when validating addresses where the FOB and ship method are automatically changed after validation is complete. Is there a way to prevent the FOB & Ship Method from being restored to default?

    Thank you for your…

  • Sage Budgeting and Planning training and resources?

    Does anyone know where one can get some training on Sage Budgeting and Planning (FKA Active Planner) for Sage 500?  It's not listed in SageU.   Are the PDFs that come with the product the only option?   


  • Sage 500 ERP and Salesforce

    Is there an easy integration with Salesforce for Sage 500 ERP?   I'd really like to be able to do it in-house if possible.

  • Inventory Management Add-on or 3rd Party Software for Easy Picking, Transfers, and Receipts with Barcoding. Anyone know of a solution?


    Instead of developing a system in-house, I am asking the community if they have knowledge of an Inventory Management Add-on or 3rd Party Software for Easy Picking, Transfers, and Receipts with Barcoding?

    Key Points

    • We are using Sage 500 ERP 2013…
  • Sage Intelligence TLS 1.2 and Sage 500 2019

    It seems Sage Intelligence still does not support TLS 1.2 with Sage 500 2019. When will this be supported? Sage 500 2019 supports TLS 1.2, but customers with both products can't turn off TLS 1.0.



  • UK MTD VAT filing solution?

    UK has started requiring electronic filing of VAT returns via MTD (Making Tax Digital).    Does anyone know of a third-party solution that works with Sage 500?   Thanks!

  • I am looking for a good OFAC Compliance tool that works with Sage 500 ERP

    I need a recommendation for OFAC Compliance tool that works with sage

  • Prepaid Customer Orders in SAGE 500 Sales Order Module

    We charge customers upfront for 100% of the sales order value and then typically ship the order in 2-3 transactions.  We want to be able to record the entire prepaid credit card cash receipt up front in our GL, and then as we do partial line item releases…

  • Integration with SAGE 500 2013

    Hello all,

    First post here. I have a customer who would like to integrate SAGE 500 2013 via API and I wanted to check if it would be possible with the documentation you offer.

    Thank you!

  • Integrating Bridgeline eCommerce Sales Order into MAS 500 SOE

    We are working to integrate our third party eCommerce system (Bridgeline) to directly feed our complete sales orders on the web into the Sales Order Entry Module.  We have the integration built to feed SOE working, the problem is since our eCommerce system…

  • Expensify to Sage ERP 500 integration

    We have a sage system of sage 500.Using the sdk we insert data into system.Now we need a enter data from a external source (Expensify) in to this.Is any php integration for sage available or stored procedure documentation available for porting Expensify…

  • Microsoft Azure

    Anyone have Sage 500 customers using Microsoft Azure to host their product? If so, how is it going?

  • Explanation of differences between MaterReqPer and MatReqPc?

    We use Sage and write software that integrates our book information system with Sage for inventory and finance functionality. The information in Sage about Mat Req Pc is clear, but I can't seem to find information about MaterReqPer and how it relates…

  • Sage500 API Documentation

    I am new to Sage and we are looking for Sage500 API documentation because we need to pull data from Sage into a different receivables application.  I have been looking around on the website and cannot find anything and I have made 10 calls to 10 different…

  • Does Sage 500 2016 work with Open Office ?

    I am wanting to know if Sage 500 will work with open office or any other productivity software package besides MS office product suite ?

  • POS cash register to integrated with Sage500 for uploading sales to Sage500 ERP accounting?

    Currently we are using a third party software called Fusion RMS that integrates their POS Cash Registers with Sage500. 

    we would like to know what else is out there beside Fusion RMS?

    Does Sage can add cash registers as well as mobile pay to Sage500 ERP 2016…