• Adding quantity from invoice lines to project lines view/explorer screen.

    We are starting to you use Project accounting, and find the explorer window great. However, the quantity invoiced in the vdvproject lines view, seems to be inaccurate. Infact, we would like to quantity from invoices lines view. I have tried a couple joins…

  • Task Menu Create/Edit

    I have been trying to figure this out off and on for a couple days, but how do I create new tasks menus and/or edit the ones I have.  You can see in the picture, it shows Task Menu view for Jose, which Jose isn't an employee anymore.  I would like to…

  • Sage 500 2023 SDK release date?

    Very excited to see that Sage 500 2023.0 is now released.   We have several clients on v2018 that were waiting for it to upgrade.

    All of our clients have SDK customizations.    When will the SDK for Sage 500 2023 be released?   Do I need to contact someone…

  • Production Scheduling in Sage?

    How are you currently scheduling you operation using Sage (or if at all?) Looking for options besides exporting to excel. We have multiple operations per customer unit. Any info on how you are handling master schedules is much appreciated.

  • Line Defaults Tab in Enter Sales Order

    There are certain fields on the Line Defaults tab that prompt to change all open lines i.e. Requested, Sched Ship, Promised Date fields, Ship Via, Shipping Priority.  The same doesn't go for Reference or FOB.  Has anyone tried to customize to allow…

  • Does anyone know if you can customize (rearrange columns) on the Create Pick List - Lines to Pick screen?

       Is it a view that sets these columns and their order?

  • Setting Drop Down

    Is there a way to sort the explorer view settings drop down?

  • Custom Lookup Views

    I followed the How To Article in this Sage 500 forum (https://www.sagecity.com/us/sage500_erp/b/sage_500_erp_blog/posts/how-to-create-a-custom-lookup-in-sage-500) to create a custom lookup for users to see .  I set them up in Maintain Lookup Views, then…

  • Multiple Companies

    We have multiple companies and I would like to be able to visually see which company I am working in - does anyone know of a way to change the color of the screen or some other visual aid?

  • Why do some report tasks have a .NET Configuration File?

    During discussion today the question came up "Why do some Sage 500 report tasks have a .NET Configuration file and others do not?"   Since the report task is still written in VB 6 and there seems to be a necessity to interact with .NET because…

  • AP Voucher Entry - Shortcut to go Back in to Grid?

    When I'm in the AP enter vouchers window, if I'm on the Totals tab, is there a keyboard shortcut to enter back into the grid on the Details tab? I know that I can do Alt + D to go back to the tab, but I'm hoping to find a way to enter back into the grid…

  • Error 430 in clsInitialize - Class Does Not Support Automation


             I have run into a strange issue I am hoping someone out there can assist with or might have some tips to further troubleshoot the issue.  We have made customizations to various existing tasks and created new tasks for Sage 500 2017.  


  • Duplicate account numbers in consolidated report (Accounts S500 1-0)

    Changed a report to pick up 3 of our companies (A,P and C) 

    (Created consolidated connector then exported and imported the report using the consolidated connection)

    The accounts union report (Accounts S500)  is one of the many that are included in it.


  • Is there a Sage Intelligence report that would generate or could to be used to generate an A/R Trial Balance.

    The A/R trial balance within SAGE 500 is not flexible enough to easily sort the returned data by invoice number.

    We are hoping SI could provide greater flexibility.

  • Picking list by company

    I need a separate picking list form for each company. Where is this setup? I cannot find the picking list in business forms in Common Info.

  • Suppressing Zero Rows

    We had the same issue with suppressing zero rows once the report is run out and wanted to share our solution.

    Background:  The ZeroFill function is used to suppress rows which have zero value in a particular column in the Excel Workbook.

    If a parameter…

  • Matrix Pricing by Customer Group and timCustItemPrice

    We have a customer group that is wholesale. In the Matrix Pricing GUI - the group is set to:

    Method - Discount Amt

    Base - List Price

    Amount - 0

    The customers in this price group do not show up in the timCustItemPrice table at all.

    We have a custom Crystal…

  • Email Variables

    We want to customize our statement emails to include customer name, code, etc.

    Can Document Transmittal accept variables?  if so, is there a list of variables?



  • Income Statement - Current Quarter

    What is the best way to create an Income Statement that contains 2 columns, the first column is "Current Quarter"  and the second column is YTD column?  I am trying to figure out the best formula for the current quarter.  Is there a way to input…

  • Auto-Signature maintenance

    How do I adjust the rules for accounts payable check auto-signatures?

  • Need Sage Account Rep and Solid Sage 500 Consulting Partner

    Hello Everyone,

    I am new to Sage 500, and in inherited the system yesterday and I need a solid Sage Rep to give me the updates on the product and where its roadmap is headed and I need the names of several US Sage 500 Consultants that can help us upgra…

  • Prepaid Customer Orders in SAGE 500 Sales Order Module

    We charge customers upfront for 100% of the sales order value and then typically ship the order in 2-3 transactions.  We want to be able to record the entire prepaid credit card cash receipt up front in our GL, and then as we do partial line item releases…

  • Disable or Hide Commit button on Customer Returns Screen for a Security Group

    Does anyone know the best approach to disable or hide the commit button on the Customer returns screen? Maybe using customizer but how would you do it?

  • Does Sage 500 ERP have restful web apis?

    Does Sage 500 offer the same set of web APIs that Sage 300 offers (Sage300WabAPI/swagger)?

  • How to find out exactly what an application is doing in Sage 500 without source code?

    Our company wants to write its own labor entry screen outside of Sage 500 (ITAR compliance for a government contract), but integrate it by writing/updating/selecting from the Sage files. Basically mimic what Sage 500 is doing. How do I do this without…