Sync Sage 500 to Webcart 2.0 Question

A year ago we went live with Sage 500. I am happy with the functionality, especially the contract pricing charts for individual customers. This is a powerful tool for eliminating the need for sales reps to make external notes, where customer service used to have to manually overwrite prices. As you know, human error used to cause a lot of discrepancies prior to our upgrade.

As great as this tool is, it has hindered our efforts to expand our current web cart 2.00 to a fulling integrated platform that can sync directly with our Sage 500 database to pull out prices. If we had for example 10 different price sheets, the webcart could read from whatever you set the customers internet id to. This is not our case because of the contract pricing over-ride.

In an ideal world I am looking for a program that can allow online orders to directly interface with Sage 500 to show correct pricing, load the online order directly into a Sage 500 Sales Order and email it to our email address [email protected] Does anyone know of an off the shelf program that could achieve this? Does anyone know of partners that have done this for you? Does anyone else have any general advise that could get me closer to my goal? Here is my website if you would like to see our current set up where the cart is only being used to email us a quote request.

Thank You