• How to find a lost un posted invoice that I lost and can no longer find

    Hello everyone, 

    i was working on invoicing yesterday and i lost one of my biggest invoice and didn’t get to register/post it and now I can’t find it

    this is what I did. 
    I went to Invoices and made a batch with all of the invoices then clicked…

  • Does anyone have consultant recommendations for assisting in upgrading Sage 500 ERP from 2013 7.5 to a more modern version?

    Does anyone who has successfully updated Sage 500 ERP have any consultant or consulting company recommendations? 

    We are currently on Sage 500 ERP 2013 7.50.30 and I have never upgraded the system. We have a reseller who we'll request a quote from, but…

  • Sage 500 ERP 2013 Update Version Listing with Release Notes & Bug Fixes Available?


    Does anyone have a listing of the monthly updates completed for the Sage 500 ERP 2013 edition once released in November 2012?

    I'm not having any luck finding information on this retired version and we are compiling update benefits as we are currently…

  • Sales Order Acknowledgement Automation

    New to the Sage 500 ERP world... so bare with me here Slight smile

    Currently when a sales order is created it goes into an unacknowledged status... At the end of the day, someone manually goes to Sales Orders>Print/Acknowledge Sales Orders and just runs a saved…

  • Need to find consultants to teach us how to use Sage 500 purchasing module properly - Located in Irvine, California area.

    We recently acquire a UK company that runs Sage 500. We found out that there is not a lot of knowledge in the organization there about the purchasing module and we also have been tasked to learn that function. Therefore we have a need to find a good consultant…

  • Attaching Invoices to blast emails/mail merge

    I'm new to using Sage 500.  I've got a number of past due invoices to send out (talking hundreds).  It would be helpful and more efficient if I could do a blast email via mail merge or another method.  Is there a way to attach invoices from Sage…

  • Who Committed the shipment?

    Does anyone know of a way to show who committed a shipment? From what I am seeing, when the shipment gets 'committed' the status changes to say 'Committed', then after the batch gets posted (normally 4x a day) the status changes to 'Posted'.…

  • cannot create case on sage portal

    I am sure i have an account on sage portal to create case but when i do forget password to reset my credentials i am not receiving email to do so.

  • Split Commission Invoice in vdvInvoice


    I am noticing that invoices with a split commission are not showing up for the secondary salesperson in vdvInvoice. Has this been an issue for anyone else? 

  • EFT file location

    Can the EFT file be saved to a network location? 


    CITRIX, Sage 7.7

    When the set file location button is clicked only the C:\ drive contents are displayed with no option to change to a network drive.

    Thank you

  • Looking for an ERP Support Manager based in NH

    Hi Folks,

               We're in the need for an ERP Support Manager based in NH for MAS500 and a WMS application.  If you are or know of such a person, feel free to reach out and I can provide more information.

  • SAGE 500 GL Posting restrictions

    We do not have a way to restrict a user from creating and posting a journal entry in the GL.  Our IT department tells us it isn't possible.  How is everyone else dealing with this in Sage 500?

  • how do I know when a sales order is fulfilled and ready to invoice

    I am using MAS500 and I am handling many spare parts orders.  Most of the parts I need to order from my vendors and will wait for them to be received.  How do I know when the parts are received and a sales order is ready to invoice?

  • Email Variables

    We want to customize our statement emails to include customer name, code, etc.

    Can Document Transmittal accept variables?  if so, is there a list of variables?



  • Does MRP Generation look at Purchase order tables?

    When MRP Generation is running, does it look at the open PO's, what does it look at? Does it look at Header or Detail line tables? Or does it go by the PO Log? Reason for asking is that I see a lot of entries in the PO Log that are not in the Header/Detail…

  • Will there be a new release of Sage 500 in 2019 (Sage 500 2019)?

    Will there be a new release of Sage 500 in 2019 (Sage 500 2019)?   If so, what's the timeframe and major features to expect?   We have several clients that need upgrading and would like to plan them accordingly.


    John Lian

    The ERP Group

  • Lead Time Formula vs Projected Lead Time

    If you specify both a Lead Time formula & Projected lead time in the Maintain Inventory, which does MRP consider? I did a average lead time calculation based on the last 15 months using the PO date vs the Receipt date and was going to update the Projected…

  • I am looking for a good OFAC Compliance tool that works with Sage 500 ERP

    I need a recommendation for OFAC Compliance tool that works with sage

  • Sage 500 Student Curriculum

    We have a couple of the printed versions of the Student Curriculum, but I was wondering if anyone a PDF version?

  • Can I specify per Sales Order what location to pick part from?

    I have the following scenario:

    1 warehouse

    2 locations

    2 bins

    I need for Sales Order "A" to pick from location 1/Bin1 and Sales Order "B" to pick from location 5/Bin 89.

    Can I setup the system to do this automatically? Is there something…

  • Error 91 at frmTranEntry, Procedure ddnTranType_LostFocus


    We have a user that is getting this error message when trying to do "Process Inventory Transactions". It is only one user, no others. We can have other users use the same machine and do the same function, but they do not get any errors.…

  • Export work order shipping reports to an excel template file or see if this is possible?

    Looking to export work order shipping reports to an excel template file or see if this is possible?
    We currently barcode a significant amount of inventory and want to be able to convert workorder #'s and locations to barcodes
    One thought was to export…

  • MAS500 server crashed, have restored DB, but need reports from within software.

    Our company MAS 500 server crashed, very hard no recover.  The DB was backed up to another server and I am able to restore the DB from the BAK file.  The data is there, but we need to access reports and stuff.  We no longer have the MAS500 server software…

  • File Format for 1099 beginning balance import

    Does anyone know what the file format needs to be for the 1099 Beginning balance import function? i tried Excel and it kicked out immediately, i tried CSV and it's not reading the comma delineation. I did some digging and it sounds like it's expecting…

  • Limit Account Lookup

    We are working on updating our security per user, and want certain users to only be able to see certain accounts in GL Transactions Reports.

    Is this possible by user?