Attaching Invoices to blast emails/mail merge

I'm new to using Sage 500.  I've got a number of past due invoices to send out (talking hundreds).  It would be helpful and more efficient if I could do a blast email via mail merge or another method.  Is there a way to attach invoices from Sage to a blast email or mail merge?

  • Invoices or Customer Statements? Depending on your configuration and business processes, there are a number of methods to electronically send/resend invoices or even use the Document Transmittal features to send customer statements. These features are dependent on the version of Sage 500, how it has been configured and what your environment supports. You could also build mail merge documents using Sage 500 Office or any number of third-party tools. You might want to start by determining how invoices are sent to customers and check with your administrator about the document transmittal configuration. There are a number of configuration options and requirements so you can't just click a button to turn it on.

    From a procedural standpoint, verify the customers have an outstanding balance as well, you may simply need to apply credits. I recently had a client that encountered a problem because they had over 32,000 open invoices for over the past 18 months from 1 customer because they were receiving payments but weren't applying most of them (Walmart doesn't provide good remit detail). 

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    Please feel free to take a look at Liaison Messenger EDD by Liaison Software. One of the key features of Liaison Messenger EDD is its ability to attach supporting documentation to outbound documents - both static and variable attachments. Liaison Messenger EDD works with any report and uses data from the report processed to come up with the naming convention of the attachment(s) it retrieves from the assigned folder(s). 

    The most common way our variable attachment feature is used is by attaching all invoices listed on the statement to the statement in one PDF.  

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