Build To Order Kits at Fulfillment

Does anyone using Sage 500 have a Build Your Own kitting function at fulfillment?  I'm exploring the opportunity to offer customers an option to choose the items to include in a multi-pack gift set and pass along in a pick ticket for kitting and fulfillment.  We have native Sage 500.  We also have StarShip, but are not utilizing it.  I'd like to talk to anyone with experience cycling transactions through Sage 500 for this.

Thank you!!

  • BTO kitting is typically a light manufacturing operation but can be handled as a standard pick process depending on the complexity and capabilities of your organization/personnel. Since a BTO is just a collection of other items (raw, finished, non-inventory) with some customization allowed, how you would present this to customers might be a little daunting. There would probably need to be a lot of product rules and related interfaces you would have to develop on your own. If you have complex kits with a lot of rules then you would need a product configuration add-on or package to do that effectively. Short of PC, it might be easier for you to create the variations as standard kits, depending of course on the number of variations.

    Also, since one of the primary differences with BTO and Assembled kits is in where and when they are assembled and how they are costed, your costing and item availability controls (and settings in 500) are other concerns as well as a lot of other considerations like how returns can be processed, etc. BTW, StarShip doesn't help with any of this.