Is there a tool that will allow Sage 500 to retrieve a file from FTP for automated processing?

Trying to integrate Sage 500 A/P with a third party application that drips a batch file into FTP.  Sage 500 processing is already automated to process the batch, but it needs something to allow it to automatically retrieve the file from the FTP server.   Are there any applications that can do that for Sage 500, or partners who can produce such a tool?

  • Sage 500 doesn't have a utility that will read files from an FTP site for you. However, there are various technologies you could use to do this yourself. I see from your post you already have automated Sage 500 to process the batch. Are you using standard 500 functionality for this or is this something you created in house? Also, are your working with a simple FTP site or are you pulling items from an SFTP site ( Secure File Transfer Protocol)?

    If you could give more details on your current batch processing method, then myself or someone on this site could give you some recommendations on how to retrieve the files from the FTP site. For example if you are using Data Import Manager (DIM) to process the batch, and you simply need to pull files down to the folder from the FTP site for DIM, you could have a .NET Windows Service created, execute a batch file/PowerShell script, or use a 3rd party tool such as WinSCP that can be set up on a schedule to retrieve files from the FTP site.

    I hope this helps..