• Document Transmittal error 401 in MAS 500 version 2021

    MAS 500 system upgraded from version 2018 to 2021 (v After the upgrade, AP stopped emailing EFT deposit statement, generated error message below when used SMTP (smtp.office365.com:587) mail server first time. If Exchange > Outlook.Office365…
  • Integrating Sage with Adobe Sign in

    Good day I would like to know if it is possible to integrate Sage with Adobe Sign for e-sign in. I went on the Adobe page but there are no instructions for Sage. But I would like to know if is possible to do that And if it is, how well can one go about…
  • Integrating Accounts Receivable Software

    We are starting the search for AR software to help mainly with cash application and dispute management, and potentially some collections tasks. What are some of the best options you have that have interfaced with SAGE 500?
  • I am looking for a good OFAC Compliance tool that works with Sage 500 ERP

    I need a recommendation for OFAC Compliance tool that works with sage
  • Does Sage 500 ERP have restful web apis?

    Does Sage 500 offer the same set of web APIs that Sage 300 offers (Sage300WabAPI/swagger)?
  • For UPS WorldShip where do I grab the ShipMethod for a sales order?

    Does anyone have a recommendation of where I can tell UPS to pull the ship method for a sales order? UPS wanted to use the tsoSalesOrder.DfltShipMethKey, but we noticed that wasn't the correct ShipMethod imported from EDI. Once a shipment was generated…
  • Sage500 API Documentation

    I am new to Sage and we are looking for Sage500 API documentation because we need to pull data from Sage into a different receivables application. I have been looking around on the website and cannot find anything and I have made 10 calls to 10 different…
  • Is there a way to access the db connection(for temp tables) that Sage uses in vbscript?

    On the customization of the SO form, can we access the db connection that Sage is on for updating the temp tables, which otherwise are not accessible from another connection.
  • Magento 2.0

    Does anyone know what payment solution is compatible with Sage 500 and Magento 2.0? Second question: does a credit card integration exist for Sage 500 and Magento 2.0? Thanks!
  • access to database

    hello i want to access sage 500 database , i am creating an application where we get the data from the client and we are going to run few calculations and implement it on sage 500 thank you
  • Accounts Payable Processing Software

    Which Accounts Payable Processing Software would work well with Sage 500?
  • Importing customer payment for existing invoice

    We have an existing payment engine that processes credit card and checking. I have created the ability to lookup invoices with a balance, "grab" all the details and offer customer payment through other means. Now I need to bring the payment information…
  • StarShip and Sage 500

    Is anyone using StarShip version 15 or later and Sage 500 2014?
  • Sage 500 Validate GL Account SP?

    I've just requested the SDK documentation for V2014 as I seem to not have received it, but... Is there a straight-forward SP or sequence that I can use to accept a GL Account number and validate it against my live database? I will probably want it…
  • Sync Sage 500 to Webcart 2.0 Question

    A year ago we went live with Sage 500. I am happy with the functionality, especially the contract pricing charts for individual customers. This is a powerful tool for eliminating the need for sales reps to make external notes, where customer service used…