• What is the procedure to process items we sent out for outside processing?

    What is the proper way in Sage 500 to account for items that are being sent out and received back in for outside processing?  


  • Purchase order -- Closed for invoice- accidentally close one line

    Does anyone know, when you process the Drop shipment PO and SO in SAGE 500, accidentally closed one of the lines and post it in the Receipt of Goods

    However, we still have part of the items no receive.  does anyone know how can I open this line? the problem…

  • Inventory Distribution - Serial Number Duplication on Shipped Out Inventory

    Does anyone have experience with inventory distributions using serial numbers with a mask? 

    ISSUE: Serial numbers used for inventory that has not yet been shipped out does not allow reuse and displays a message to notify the user, but if the inventory…

  • Landed Cost not posted in IM Purchase Return

    Feature or a Bug?

    I have an inventory item that has an existing Cost Tier with a Landed Cost Component (let's say, $5.00 Freight) and a $25 Material Cost component.

    I do an IM Purchase Return transaction to push out 1 piece.

    The Inventory Transaction…

  • During MRP, received error "Cannot create steps for Planned order. Error in Routing xxxxx, step

    Received this error on several of the items. We have reviewed the routings/steps and do not see any issues. The are set to Standard/Active. Some are Phantoms, some are stand alone. What could cause these type of errors?

  • Can you adjust the time period used by Average cost?

    We are using Average Cost, but I"m finding that during the first couple of years using Sage MAS 500 there were a lot of issues with incorrect settings, bad data, user errors, etc.. and this has caused an inflated value with our average cost. Can I somehow…

  • "error during updates" when posting workorders of more than 100 items

    We are receiving "error during updates" when posting workorders of more than 100 items.  My hunch is that this is due to other database activity or locks on the system.  Has anyone else experienced this behavior?  (We are on Sage 500 2014).

  • Does anyone know what a TranStatus of Incomplete in the tpoReceiverLog table means?

    We have some, less than 100, records in the tpoReceiverLog table that show a status of 1, which vListValidationString says is Incomplete.  The RcvrKey 's do not exist in tpoReceiver, so I am suspecting that they are somehow orphaned records in the system…

  • Unexpected error occurred in Post Transaction. (7.50.4)

    When trying to post a Labor Entry we are receiving the following error: Unexpected error occurred in Post Transaction.  The error report shows no errors - we have never seen this error until today - Help (7.50.4).

  • Error occurred attempting to process inventory commitments?

    Got a support request regarding a transfer from one of  our warehouses to another - this is a 130 line transfer and when the end-user attempted to make a change to it and save, he got a popup error which I had never seen before - An error occurred attempting…

  • Enter Customer Return


    We recently updated security permissions, making the SO module Display Only for most security groups. The intent was to turn back on those tasks users need to perform their jobs.

    For customer returns, however, we have an issue where if a customer…

  • PO freight charges and GL accounts


    We have a problem with the way MAS500 handles purchase order freight charges.  The following communication describes the situation.



    From end-user:
    There is a problem with the way the MAS500 Purchase Order…

  • Inventory Transaction History Analyzer, Stock Out and Lost Sales Quantity field calculation

    In the Inventory Transaction History Analyzer, does anyone know how are the Stock Out field and Lost Sales Quantity field calculated?

  • reverse invoice and add funds back to purchase order for MAS500

    Hello All!

    Hopefully someone can help. 

    AP processed and invoice and now need to reverse it due to the fact it was entered with the incorrect invoice number and amount. 

    When reversing the invoice, how does the AP department add the funds back to the…

  • UOM that are variable

    We have been using an old piece of software that tracks rolls of paper for us.  We are planning to discontinue using that software and are exploring whether we could track the rolls in our inventory system.  The problem is that the PO would be issued f…

  • Problem with Progress Entry Return

    I have discovered that there is a issue with entries posted to G/L Inventory account whenever there is a Progress Entry Return done.  The problem started when we upgraded from 7.4 to 2014-OCT.  I tracked Manufacturing transactions with and without Progress…

  • Delete Items from Inventory Managemet

    We have some items that we want to delete from inventory and I understand some cannot be deleted if they are attached to POs or WOs. However we just setup one earier today that has not ran against MRP or anything and gives us the following two errors:

  • Capitalize Transfer Order Freight

    How is freight from a transfer order capitalized into the inventory that was moved? We are setting up transfer orders for the first time and we want to make sure we set it up correctly.

  • Receiver number entered manually starting with a period

    While performing a receipt of goods, a user manually entered the Receipt number with a value that starts with a period. .350121000 to be exact. 

    While trying to do a Receipt of Invoice, the system is failing on this record.

    Can I go in and update this field…

  • What to do with an Invoice System Batch?

    We have a system batch with several hundred pending invoices tied to it.  What should be done with these invoices to get them posted or cleaned up?  And what causes them to be kicked into the system batch?  Thanks for any help.

  • Valuation for Customer Warrantee Warehouse!

    Good Day All,

    We have a warehouse that we return customer parts into for warranty or non warranty repair.

    SO we would not confuse our costing information between regularly produced items and these repairs we handled it this way.

    Our Issue is one of our…

  • Immediate Picking from Sales Order

    Process Order button is grayed out for everyone, security settings checked, and the whses are set for immediate picking. Anyone know the magic spell? Version 2014, 2015 update (

  • Estimate Entry in Mfg Module. Create SO/Quote feature for more than one Item?

    We are using Estimate Entry in the Mfg module.  We use the Create SO/Quote feature.  It appears that you can only enter one Item at a time, and therefore, only one item shows up on a quote.  We would like to be able to enter an estimate for multiple items…

  • Change Trade Discounts in S/O permissions


    I have given a user the security event rights to change trade discounts, in Maintain Security Groups. She still receives a Security Event Override popup requesting a user name & password. Is there something she needs to avoid this pop up?…

  • Forecast and MRP

    Ok, we have work orders, sales orders and forecast all going into MRP.  For sales orders and work orders I see the inventory as UOM Each.  However, I think that the forecast is coming in UOM 72 or 30 (our flat size ).  As you can see below the forecast only…