Sales order on hold, due to credit issues

When putting a sales order on hold, due to credit issues, is there a way to also put the work order on hold?

  • That would be a nice feature, but there isn't a hold flag on the Work Order like there is on the Sales Order. I'm sure you could create an extension table with a hold flag, but without any solid programming logic behind it, even a hold flag wouldn't prevent the work order from being released to the production floor. 

    As an alternative you can possible work with the Work Order Release Date as a control.  When you move the release date out to the future on the work order, it will not allow you to enter transactions against the work order. The user will get an error pop up saying "The work order release date must be prior to the transaction date."  Of course the user can make the change by updating the release date on the Work Order Maintenance but you can add security around that. 

    Just a thought :) 

  • That's a nice workaround, Jen. Kudos for thinking outside the box. :-)