error on Commit shipment

HI, we are from time to time getting this error in Edit Shipments trying to Commit the shipment.  We have tried giving Supervisory rights to Edit shipment which hasn't helped the user.  If i go in (sysadmin rights) i can sometimes commit the shipment.  Does anyone know what I can look for that it thinks is the other process?

  • Perhaps another user? In the standard product, shipments are committed from within 3 different user interfaces: Enter Sales Orders and Quotes (individual order), Edit Shipments (individual shipment) and Commit SO Transactions (group of shipments). Depending on your configuration and processes, a user could be processing or pre-commit processing a shipment(s) in any of them. This is an especially vexing problem if your system is slow (commit generally takes 2-3 seconds at most). You might try either limiting user access to certain UI, or determine if other users might be employing another shipment interface at the same time. The easiest way to do this is by using System Manager / Tools / System Status. You can scroll around to see what tasks are being used and by whom.