Why do some report tasks have a .NET Configuration File?

During discussion today the question came up "Why do some Sage 500 report tasks have a .NET Configuration file and others do not?"   Since the report task is still written in VB 6 and there seems to be a necessity to interact with .NET because of the configuration file, why not write the task using .NET to begin with instead of having it as a hybrid?   Why is it some report tasks  have a configuration file and not others?  Does this impact developing new report tasks using the SDK and the Report Wizard?

  • LouDavis,

    Some of the reports have been upgraded to use a .Net Crystal Report Adapter I believe around 80 if I remember correctly. The remaining reports are still using the old non .Net Crystal Adapter. 

    The config files are needed because the Crystal Report runtime engine is not directly backwardly compatible and when a version of the runtime beyond a certain point (sp 21 I believe) is installed. When a version later than sp 21 is installed the Sage 500 reports that use the .Net runtime need a config file to tell it how to run. 

    The issues arise when whatever the last version of Crystal Runtime installed will dictate if it needs the config file. 

    For example if we installed with sp 11 it would break anyone who uses the sp 21 or later and they would need a config file. So we are installing the sp 21 or later and creating the config files for our reports because they are using an older than sp 21 runtime and we know they will need to config file to run.

    The reports that have not been upgraded yet to use the .Net Runtime do not need a config file they are still using the old non .Net runtime.

    Hope this answers the question for you,

    I know clear as mud right Wink



  • Any changes to the SDK WIzard, or is it still creating the old style report tasks?  Also, with all the work involved, I'm curious why not make the entire task a .NET task instead of continuing to use VB 6.

  • SDK Wizard has not changed. I am not sure what you are referring to as the Entire Task a .net task.  To convert all the reports is a tremendous amount of work and currently a low priority on the list of items to do.

    Hope that helps,


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