• SED/Paya integration seems to have failed

    All of the sudden, SED/Paya will no longer launch and we don't have access to the Vault or CC Payment processing.

    Even Maintain Credit Card Processor Accounts -> Test Account fails.  Has anybody seen anything like this before?  I'd guess that the…

  • Creating a debit memo in Purchase Order module for returned items on PO

    We had an employee try something new, and entered a bunch of returns using the PO module. These are outstanding in Purchasing Clearing. The credits from the vendor were processed via A/P directly to COGS. I'd like to invoice these returns, and get them…

  • 70,000 unapplied payments in SAGE 500 -

    We have just discovered that we have 70,000 payments that were never applied to open invoices in our SAGE 500 System,  We know how to manually apply each one but that is just not realistic. We are desperate for a bulk solution to this problem. Is there…

  • Importing AR Transactions into Sage 500 ERP

    I have been able to successfully import an Invoice batch of customer statements from a subsystem into Sage 500 AR and then post this batch. This batch consist of driver account invoices (fees and charges) and offsetting credit memos (redeemed CC script…

  • Post AP batches to period 1 2021

    I am posting my first AP batch for 2021 and received an error stating that the period is currently locked and posting is not allowed.  We did not lock the period but I do see in Accounts Payable - Process Period End that there is an option for me to Unlock…

  • Tagged Orders

    When you click to Generate PO on a line item of a sales order and process Generate PO from SO it creates the next available PO number.  RIght now we are manually creating the POs and giving them a PO number of DSorder#  (to indicate a Drop ship) then when…

  • Remove debit memo

    Hi All, 

    I created a voucher, posted it and then processed the invoice for payment and also posted this. 

    I accidentally posted to the incorrect bank account and have created a journal to balance the amounts correctly, however I have also credit a debit…

  • Po line comment

    How about we want to add a new procedure to the goods receipt process, I want to know if there is any way to see the comment that is made in each individual line in inventory transactions.

    I hope you can help me, greetings!

  • SO to PO

    HI, I have a HOW TO question.  Is there any way to automatically create a Purchase Order from a Sales Order when certain items or drop ship items are on the Sales Order?  Has anyone done this or is this core functionality?

    Thank you.


  • 1099 balances and unapplied payments

    We have several vendors that require us to make pre-payments for PO orders. We have a few of these payments where we haven't yet received the corresponding invoice before the 1099 deadline, and we're not sure how to address them. Since no invoice has…

  • Can an invoice be processed with current date if Pick/Pack has future date?

    I have a pick/pack that was done with a 8/7/19 future date in error.  I don’t believe that the pick/pack can be deleted or the date changed on it but need to know if I change the date on the invoice how it will affect the information processed. How does…

  • Reverse a Bank Account Reconciliation

    is there a way to reverse a posted bank reconciliation?  I am new to Sage 500 and have made an error that covers 2 months of bank reconciliations. I failed to key in the Bank Ending Balance for these 2 months and have just caught the error. 

  • Landed Cost and GL Offsets

    So, I'm looking at implementing Landed Costs (finally!), and have a few questions:

    • It appears that the Inventory Value/Cost of the item in question is altered accordingly; the offset is the Landed Cost GL -- in our case, Freight/Duties.  However,…
  • Error posting Receipt of Goods batch

    Hello! We are trying to post a batch of Receipt of Goods and keep receiving the following error:

    Can anyone offer advice/suggestions/a solution??

    Thank you!

  • Process Invoices for Payment "Print Error" message at the bottom of the window.

    Getting print Error after patching to 7.70.7 of SAGE 500 2016. 

  • ACH in AP stopped working

    I ran an ACH batch and was able to receive a file.  However, I then notice I had the wrong payment date so I did not update the registers and deleted the batch.  Now I cannot general any new ACH files.  Any ideas why I am unable to do so?


  • AR Credit memos applications lookup

    How to find out which credit memos applied to certain invoices?

  • Vendor Returns

    I know how to do the 'Return To Vendor' process to take care of the Accounting in Sage500,  but HOW do you create shipping

    documents to actually ship the Items back to the Vendor in Sage? 

    I noticed that there was a similar question posted here…

  • Batches stuck as "in use"

    We have run into an issue a few times with both AP and GL batches. The status changes and is stuck on "in use". We check that there are no users in the batch, but the status gets stuck, we can't delete it or post it. The only resolution we are able to…

  • Paying AP Invoices by Credit Cards

    Currently we enter AP Invoices under the company name then on the due date we pay by credit card and make a flip to remove from the vendors name into the appropriate Credit card AP account..  Is there an easier way to complete the flips without entering…

  • Import Vendor Payments

    Hello! We are using an outside service to process payments to our vendors. We are sending them a data file of vouchers, then they are sending back data files of payments.

    What options are there for importing payment records?

    Thank you. 

  • Accrued not invoiced report

    How do you run a report that will show you just the transactions that make up the balance in my accrued not invoiced report.  These are items that have been received but no invoice entered against that receipt yet.  The detail of that report should tie…

  • AP GL vs AP Vendor Trial Balance vs AP Aged Payables.

    I am new to Sage and my company and just starting to dig in.  I am looking at the AP general ledger and comparing it to the subledgers and they do not agree.  AP GL = 3,085,390.  AP Vendor trial balance = 3,087,464.  AP Aged payables = 3,338,490.  I would…

  • Reverse a posted journal entry

    Is there a way to reverse a journal entry in Sage? (Sage 500 ERP 2014 January 2015 Update (Version  I'm not referring to an auto-reversing entry; the situation is - someone posts a journal entry with many lines and then it is discovered…

  • Freight taxes

    Our company needs to start taxing certain customers and I'm very familiar with how to use Sales Tax for items.  I remember also taxing freight - many years ago - but I cannot remember how to set it up to include freight as well.  Can anyone remind me…