1099 Tax Year 2020 Updated January 15th

On Friday, January 15th about 4 in the afternoon an update to the database install and the source code files was made.  We are calling this refresh #3.  The basic difference is in the way it handles a table called tapVendPmtAppl, which links vouchers to vendor payments.  Refresh #2 updated this table for all years as would normally be done to maintain data integrity.  However, this caused some valid concern with some users about it appearing to change the 1099 history reports.  So based upon these concerns from partners and the field, refresh #3 limited the updates to tax year 2020 only.  So the 1099 history reports coming out of refresh #3 should keep the previous years history mostly the same.  Sorry if this is overly technical and you just want your 1099s to get processed.  

For the previous version, we are working to restore the history for the previous years.  We hope to have this in a day or two.  This history issue is totally within the Sage 500 ERP history domain, and does not affect the validity of information sent to Aatrix. 

Recommendation for best results:

  1. If you have not completed your 1099 processing through Aatrix yet,  it is highly recommened that you consider downloading the database and source code portion of the 1099 TY 2020 Stand-Alone installs on the portal.  A client download is not necessary if you downloaded that portion after December 28th.
  2. Run the database install portion of the stand-alone updates.  Note that this install in almost all cases only need to be installed on one machine that has access to the database(s) you wish to update.  Note that if you have previously updated a database, it will not update it again.  If you have more than one database, install it on each where a version of it has not been installed previously.  
  3. Process your 1099's.
  4. If you have updated a database with a previous version of the database update, a resolution for returning history prior to 2020 will be coming soon.  Again, 1099 submission were ok, but the history may have had an undesirable appearance.