• Sage 300 Premium (Version 2022) Software Integration Documentation

    This is my first time working with Sage software.

    I have a Python web application running on the same Microsoft Server as Sage 300 Premium (Version 2022). When a payment is completed through the web application I need to associate the payment, payment source…

  • How to make OE CN on account and reference an OE Invoice

    on OE/CN screen you fill in OE/Invoice number and Sage loads details

    I have certain customers where all OE/CN are on account, trouble is once you erase the OE Invoice# the screen details erase (can we stop this from happening?)

    I did not want to manually…

  • Posting Payroll

    Our payroll period is 5.9.22 - 5.22.22.  Payday is 5.27.22.  After we are done with payroll, we post payroll.     Our GL manager stated that there are unposted items.  Can we run a repost?  Before our next payroll pay date?

  • Financial Statements fails to open in MS Office 2019 Pro Plus

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know a solution to this error when running G/L Financial Reporter to Print Financial Statements? We are using Sage 300 2022 and 32-bit MS Office 2019 Pro Plus on 64-bit Windows 10 Pro. I've enabled all macros and did a repair…

  • Web Screens and PrintBoss


    Has anyone tried (successfully) printing from the Sage 300 2022 Web screens to PrintBoss? (For AP checks, OE Invoices, etc.)

    It seems to me that, since these immediately save to PDF from the Web Screens, they won't be able to be redirected to PrintBoss…

  • Webscreens, Sage Remoting Service, Registry Entries

    We updated from Sage 300 version 2020 to 2022. Webscreens is not working and gives the following error upon Login: "Unexpected Error: An Unexpected problem has occurred. Please try again or contact your administrator for assistance."

    I've been…

  • Sage 300 2022 Activating Licenses (Editions Matter)

    Sage 300 2022 Activating Licenses (Editions Matter)

    In this blog, we will cover the best way of installing and activating your Sage 300 licenses.

    A very important tip before getting started is checking your details.

    When issued your license details, they…

  • Email more than one invoice at a time

    How can you select more than one invoice for the sane customer and email in one go 

  • Failed to Import the ActiveX Control

    Over the last couple of years, some partners have had an issue where they were not able to add a VB OCX to a WinForms screen as they would receive a message from Visual Studio stating : "Failed to import the ActiveX control. Please ensure it is registered…

  • Credit Card Receipt Confirmation Report Customization


    We're running Sage 300 2022. We just got Paya installed and did our first Credit Card transaction. I'm still fairly new to the usage of Sage and Crystal Reports. How do I customize our receipt confirmation report to include Order Number or an Invoice…

  • What do the different Customer Types mean? Base...1,2,3,4,5?

    When looking at a Customer record, on the Invoicing Tab, the Customer Type has the choices of Base, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 

    What are the meaning of each of the Types and where can I set these?

  • Sage 300 Web Screens are not saving user settings

    I am not able to get column widths to stick on Web Screen forms. For example when I log in as a user and open O/E Order Entry web screen and adjust the widths in the details section, when I return after logging out and back it, the widths revert back…


    My client is running Sage 300 Premium Edition Version 2020.

    They want their Balance Forward Customer Statement to have a running balance. The challenge we are encountering is that the client has done adjustments so the adjustment amounts are not factored…

  • Sage 300 What's New in Version 2022.2 training is now available on Sage University

    A new What’s New in Sage 300 Version 2022.2 anytime Learning course is now available on Sage University for customers and consultants. This course provides you with information on the exciting new features and improvements that have been implemented…

  • Inventory transfer macro is failing when negative levels allowed

    I have a client who needs to run their inventory with negative levels allowed. We are running Sage 300 2021 with update 2

    I recorded a macro of doing an inventory transfer from location 1 to 2 with a qty=5.

    Location 1 had zero of these items and so it…

  • Adding AR Invoice Number to E-mail Template

    Hi all,

    A client wants to add the A/R invoice number to the email template. I've tried to search from F1 Help -> E-mail Message Variables, but there's no such variables named AR Invoice Number. Does anyone has any idea?

    Thank you.

    Yours Faithfully…

  • Error message when post Invoices: Invoice Batch Attempt to perform Record Update without security authorization.

    Hello Team,

    I try to post the Invoice, but receive the following error message: Invoice Batch Attempt to perform Record Update without security authorization.

    Could you clarify how to fix this error message?
    What settings I should do?

  • Sage 300 Web SDK - Error occur when build solution after using wizard to generate screen

    Hi all, I tried to use Visual Studio 2019 with Sage 300 Solution Wizard to generate a simple screen. Right after the solution was auto generated, I use Sage 300 Code Generation Wizard to create a payment code screen. I tried to build the solution but the…

  • Increasing the Size for G/L Account Description to 120 Characters

    My client is running Sage 300 Premium Edition Version 2020.

    They want the G/L Account Description field to be increased to 120 Characters. Is there an available utility for doing this? How can I achieve it in the easiest way possible?

    All responces will…

  • Sage 300 Web API Intermittent POST Success with OE Orders - Avalara?

    We're intermittently getting a crash while sending a POST command through the Web API (Sage 300 2020 PU7) when trying to create new OE Orders.

    Based on the Event Viewer, our Sage 300 Application Pool crashes and there appears to be a disconnect from…

  • How to give a user security rights to READ from Currency module on SAGE 300 Web API


    How to give a user security rights to READ from the Currency module on SAGE 300 Web API?



  • Sage 300 and AutoSimply Barcode application very slow

    Hello fellow Sage 300 users and IT Admins,

    We are using Sage 300 2022 and we use AutoSimply Barcode application along with our Sage 300. We currently are on the latest PU for Sage 300 2022 and we even have the latest customized AutoSimply Barcode 2022…

  • Bank Services Error

    So I posted a transaction in Bank Services (deposit) in January - it was the wrong amount (posted say $150 when it was only $100) - so I went in and reversed it and reposted the transaction with the correct amount. No big deal right? well now my boss…

  • IC Reorder Report using Preferred Vendor

    Has anyone changed the Reorder report to use the Preferred vendor instead of the report just using Vendor Type 1.  I realize the report is using a DataPipe and the prevendty isn't given under ICITEM for this report so it looks like I will have to build…

  • Setting up Database for students at our university (trying to help our professor)


    We need help getting our database setup.  I did some reading on it and even though I understand technical things pretty well I did not quite get it.  As I mentioned in the title this is for a class we are taking in Computerized Accounting and we all…