• How do we make fields required when setting up a new job in the Project Management Module?

    We are rolling out the Project Management module and want to require certain fields so our Project Managers are required to enter the information before they can create the new job.

    Is this possible?

  • Mismatch between I/C quantity and Lot/Serial quantity of an item

    How to fix mismatch between I/C quantity and Lot/Serial quantity of an item if there is a variance on the I/C Serial/Lot Number Quantity on Hand Report?

    Below is an example in our sample data for this item, A1-405/0 at location 1. As you can see the

  • Service/WO Management Options - What do you use?

    What does everyone use for service work/work order management? Do you use the Service Management module within Sage? Or a 3rd party service that integrates with Sage?

  • Sage 300 What's New in Version 2022.1 training is now available on Sage University

    Sage 300 What's New in Version 2022.1 training is now available on Sage University

    A new What’s New in Sage 300 Version 2022.1 anytime learning video is now available on Sage University for customers and consultants. This video provides you…

  • Error while posting OEOrders

    Hello ,

    OEOrders payload 

    "CustomerNumber": "A01182",
    "OrderDescription": "Order Entry",
    "OrderDate": "2020-01-15",
    "OrderDetails": [
    "LineType": "Item",

  • Mass Apply Documents

    Sage 300

    Any solutions that can Auto-Apply mass open documents for all Customers in the A/R?

    Credits (Open Receipts, CN etc) against Debits (Invoices, DN etc)  using a certain criteria e.g. Date etc

  • Magento Sage 300 integration

    Anybody who can recommend reliable solution partner for integration Magneto to Sage 300? Currently I am using Iman and have a lot of issues, not sure if it is not a right partner or just platform been unstable.

    Any comments recommendations are highly…

  • Email no longer working

    Emails can not be sent out of Sage where client is using Office365. Continue to get the error Mail Delivery Failed. SMTP also will not send either.

    Any troubleshooting information?

  • Sending Both A/R Invoice and Statement in the Same Email

    Sage 300 Cloud

    How possible is it to send both A/R Invoice and Statement in the same Email communication as separate attachments.

  • Timeout while sending A/R Invoices/Statements via Email

    Sage 300 2019 PU7

    While sending A/R Invoices/Statements via Email, the system sends some e.g. 50-90 and returns the Error below;

    "Description: Mail delivery failed. Use the Email tab on the Company profile screen to send a test email and confirm that…

  • Desktop has stopped working

    When exporting one of the custom crystal reports we suddenly get the below error message:

    Deskto has stopped working.

    When l went to the windows Event log to check what is the issue l get the below error log:





  • Serial number

    I have an item number that was serialized by mistake.  Is it still impossible to change a serialized item to non-serialized?



  • Exclusion list for anti-virus software

    I know this has been asked before, but a few years have gone by so I'm hoping there might be some updated thoughts on the subject.  Client is preparing a new Sage app server, which will have FireEye virus protection.  They know they need to exclude…

  • AP entry - How to deny continuation of entry if year is wrong?

    Sometimes clerk uses the wrong year, or month, when entering AP invoice. We post automaticall;y to GL

    She doesn't check her report for errors and then controller needs to investigate when it is denied posting at GL level.

    Does anyone know of a way…

  • /C - Internal Error. Cstp xifo iloc mismatch error in 2019


    I recall receiving this error on an old version of sage 2012. We had to run a hotfix to fix

    Now on 2019 PU2 we have the same - customer uses FIFO costing 

    Please advise how to fix

    IC is set to run dayend on posting

  • Custom macro to do AR Receipt Entry: can I bypass ARPOOP and insert directly to ARTCR?

    Hi all,

    I am making an AR Receipt Entry import to import the receipt in bulk from an excel file. I follow the recorded macro to create it. And I see that the ARPOOP (in recorded macro is using ARRECMAC1detail4) set the APPLY value to "Y" on line 124.…

  • Statetement designer - not updating current year figures


    I am trying to run a an IS through the statement designer function in Sage 300 ACCPAC. August would be period 1 of FY2022, however when I select this period, all the figures that come back are 0. If I select period 12 FY2021, everything runs as…

  • What is the syntax to add a budget column of a specific year?

    What is the syntax to add a budget colunm of a specific year?  How to specify 2020 budget column to the report?

  • CIS Cofigurator


    Has anyone implemented this with Sage 300.

    We are reviewing for a prospect  https://cisconfigurator.com/on-line-demo.php

    Just keen to hear about the companies ability to support other regions and response to assistance.

    Or keen to hear of any other…

  • Sage 300 doesn't allow removing posted AR Documents

    Hello Team,

    I cannot remove posted documents in Sage 300.
    Could you clarify how I can remove posted documents?

  • Invoice Amount Due

    Hello Team,

    Could you help me with the following question?

    I created an Invoice.

    On UI I see the following balances:
    The Document Total is $2.55.
    Amount Due is $2.51

    But, when I receive this Invoice from post documents via API, Sage returns the Invoice Amount…

  • Announcing the release of Sage CRM 2021 R2 in North America

    With a range of sales, marketing and service modules that give end-to-end visibility of data and processes, Sage CRM enables customers to make better informed business decisions based on accurate information. 

    We are pleased to announce that we released…

  • Installing web screen on another server

    Hi all,

    I have 3 servers:

    A - 1 DB  Server

    B - 1 Sage 300 Application server (using Sage 300 2021)

    C - 1 Sage 300 web screen server (using Sage 300 2021)

    Installing A and B is okay. I have a bit of problem installing C. I am following guide from https:…

  • sage 300 sdk with node js

    can we integrate sage 300 SDK with node js? 

  • Period locks change on upgrade to 2021

    I just upgraded a customer from Sage 300 2018 to Sage 300 2021.  After upgrading they pointed out that many of their "Locked" periods were now unlocked.

    In their old database in the CSFSCST table there are NO lock records for 2020, 2018 and 2016…